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December 09, 2008

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Update: Eagles Cornerback Talks Guns

Last week, we posted a column from the Washington Post about athletes and guns. Now some of the athletes are talking.

From The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sheppard said that he estimates that "90 percent" of his teammates are also gun owners. Sheppard suggested some, like defensive end Trent Cole, have weapons for sport, but most others have them for protection.

"It's just about how responsible you are handling those types of situations," Sheppard said. "I just pray for the best of everybody and just hope nobody gets put in that predicament" where they have to fire a gun.

Check out what other NFL players have to say on the topic.



While I agree that Plaxico was an idiot, I do not believe that all of the NFL's talent pool are complete buffoons when it comes to handling a gun. And unfortuntely it may have to be a punishment for them all.


I don't know how you can prevent someone from doing things that are legal. If we can possess handguns, why can't ne in the NFL, or any other professional sports organization. I can see barring professional athletes from being filmed while smoking cigarettes, but that would reflect on the image of the league. Owning guns does not.


Sorry, should ve wrote "why can't someone in the NFL.


Philadelphia is the only place in the state where you can't caryy a gun and about the only place where you need one. I say better to be judged by 12 than carried by six dawg.


I don't see how an employer can ban an employee from owning a legal product, period.

The NFL (like all pro sports) is chock full of overpaid, underdeveloped, spoiled babies who think the law can't touch them.

BUT, these are adults who have to be responsible for the actions and trying to have the NFL play daddy for them is ridiculous!



bnorth I mostly agree with you except your last statement. It doesn't have to be a punishment for them all.
I am saying this from my firm belief that I'm tired of being punished for someone else's stupidity. They want to punish someone, punish those that deserve it and leave the rest of us alone. I'm sick and tired of the old adage "We are not being punished for what we have done, its because of what they have done". What BS! That may be the conventional wisdom, but it is the conventional wisdom of the ignorant. I'm tired of being punished, restricted, and whatever else one wants to add for other peoples crimes, stupidity, or failings. Laws do not punish the guilty, they punish the innocent and it must stop! We currently have more laws (both federal and state) than at any other time in our short history as a nation and IMHO those laws haven't made much difference at all.
There, now I feel better :-) and bnorth, that was NOT directed toward you. You simply reminded me how I feel about the subject.


PS: I'm not saying all laws are bad or that laws in general are bad. It is usually the politically motivated, knee jerk variety that is bad. Those laws are passed by a state's general assembly so they can crow "see what we have done to prevent this and such from happening again." What they (lawmakers) fail to realize is that there may already be an existing law to prevent this and such. If the criminally intended ignored the current law, what makes the lawmakers think they (the criminals) will heed a new one?
Oops that poor horse! I better let him rest.


You have to admit that Plex and his glock did give the NFL yet another fat lip. I understand that the NFL would want to do whatever it can to make the NFL look better. Every year one NFL player [or more] does get busted for weapons charges and it always makes front page and gives another busted lip to NFL image. The last thing the NFL wants is everyone thinking the NFL is full of dimwits who can't even handle their own firearms. It's little price to pay if a player can't have a gun for their very brief, very lucrative careers. They have their wholes lives afterwards to collect guns and shoot themselves in the leg. Kids do look up to NFL players. Do we really want our kids illegally packing glocks with one in the chamber in their sweats pants? I think it is well within the NFL's right to pass a ban on guns for NFL players but it should extend to the coaches and all the way to the top. If a player is caught front page with a gun- fine them and suspend them. Otherwise, don't enforce it. PR nightmare solved.


I just moved out of Philly not too long ago, but the PD processed my concealed carry permit for me without a problem when I lived there. There are no laws prohibiting otherwise legal carry in Philly that I'm aware of. Although I just renewed in my new county and I will say that philly held my permit for the full 8 weeks they had to respond, which was 7 weeks six days, 23 hours, and 15 minutes longer than it took to get my renewal elsewhere.


BTW, my dad brought me up with the same remark regarding being judged by 12.

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