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December 03, 2008

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Tennessee Officers Shoots Poaching Suspect

From The Cattanoogan:

According to a news release from the Lewis County Sheriff's Dept., Tuesday night (Nov. 25) around 8:30 pm, Lewis County deputies were called to assist a Lewis County TWRA Wildlife Officer . . . who [had] seen a vehicle spotlighting for deer and attempted a stop. The vehicle however fled at high speed.

[After the chase and with the driver in hand,] the passenger exited the passenger side with a long gun, turned toward the three Lewis County Deputies and the T.W.R.A officer and pointed [it] toward them.
One Lewis County Deputy fired his service weapon at the passenger and the passenger fell to the ground.



For some deer. Unbelievable

I'm in school right now

and the cops should have every right to since the guy pointed a gun at them.



This site needsd some serious editing. "Tennessee Officers Shoots Poaching Suspect"

Mc. Squizzy

This site is perfectly fine! I visit it everyday city boy! Goes to show, Poachers are idiots.

a lee

hunting is killing itslef. if people really cared about the future of hunting they would fight these bullshit laws that the government keeps trying to impose upon us.


Hey mc.suizzy you are right about the poachers being Idiots. If they weren't idiots they would just get a job are raise their own deer to shoot


This just goes to show why we should call a poaching hotline number when we see poachers instead of attempting a citizens arrest. This is kind of scary in the context of who else is in the woods and what they're doing. Perhaps I'll carry a sidearm when hunting from now on.

Jerry A.

William is right. Let law enforcement handle incidents such as this. A poacher with nothing to lose is a seriously dangerous person. The vests that law enforecement officers wear won't stop rifle bullets.


One should never attempt a "citizen's arrest" with armed subjects. Let's say they resist and shots are fired. They (the armed subjects) can claim self defense and deny that they were involved in any illegal activity, especially so if the subjects can properly dispose of any incriminating evidence. What one ultimately ends up with is your word against theirs. Remember, when Billy Badass appears for court he usually will be neat, wearing a suit, accompanied by an attorney and several respectable character references. If Billy was wounded in the altercation, and the court acquits him of any wrongdoing, the person that wounded him can be found liable in a civil action. It isn't fair, but it happens.

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