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December 15, 2008

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Tennessee Eyes Elk Season

From The Tennessean:

A 10-year project to restore elk in Tennessee and again make them hunted game is almost complete.
Final details for the state's first elk hunt in nearly 150 years are expected during the January meeting of the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Commission.

The first hunt is tentatively scheduled for October 2009.



SWEET! As a Tennessee native and someone who has wanted to hunt elk as long as I can remember, this makes me happier than I can explain.


God Bless!

Mc. Squizzy

Question were the elk there originally?

Evan V

I never knew elk were ever native to Tennessee!


Yep. They were originally indigenous to East Tennessee, but were killed off by the early to me 1800s (at least that's what I've read in the literature that TWRA has put out about their program). They introduced this herd back in the 1990's on a small preserve in East Tennessee and have been working on it ever since.

I think you would be suprised to learn just how far animals ranged before European colonization in America. Elk, bufalo, antelope etc. all had vastly larger ranges.


Just got back from my successful once chance in a lifetime Michigan bull elk hunt. Great experience - hope you all in Tennessee get the chance for this, too.


Wolves used to be native to the appalachians as far as I can tell. Why not elk?

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