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December 17, 2008

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Rocky Mountain Wolves Could Be Delisted—Again—By Friday

From the Star-Tribune:

The Bush administration could remove wolves from the federal endangered species list this week, an official said.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had previously announced its intention to delist gray wolves in the Northern Rockies by the end of this year.

But Ed Bangs, the federal gray wolf recovery coordinator for the Fish and Wildlife Service, said it is possible a new delisting rule could be out and published in the Federal Register on or before Friday.



I would rather have an animals population numbers rather than a politically motivated "administration" remove an animal from the endangered species list. Why does a singular political entity have the power to push for this rather than a non-politically motivated scientific neutral 3rd party? This is the whole reason why we have animals put back on the list after they were taken off of it months earlier. It just makes no sense.


That is great, all the research has been done and the wolves should have been delisted and hunted a year ago. But outdoorsman will take what they can get. Well done!

SD Bob

To William:
The scientific data proved recovery was done. Emotions and resistance to people killing animals caused delisting to be reversed or postponed. Technicalities in a writ caused the reversal, not scientific data. Here in South Dakota the state deemed it biologically okay for pheasant hunting to continue through the end of January but uninformed emotion prevented it from happening. I realize wolves and pheasants are different but the emotion based reasoning isn't.


SD Bob- I'm on the same page with you. If we paid attention to the scientific data instead of going on emotions or politics we'd all be richer from it. Decisions based on emotions often mean bad choices.

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