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December 10, 2008

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Moose Decline Threatens Minnesota Hunt

From the Star-Tribune:

A declining moose herd in northeastern Minnesota could mean an end to moose hunting in the state. . . .

The fear is that a recent rise in temperatures could be causing the population decline. . . .

For now, it's uncertain whether Minnesota will have a moose hunting season next fall, said Dave Schad, DNR fish and wildlife section chief.

"We would like to continue hunting that population for as long as it makes sense and doesn't put the population at risk,'' Schad said. "It's a unique opportunity we provide that not many other states can provide.''


Doesnt Minnesota have a problem with wolves?


I'm wondering how long it will take the wolf haters to jump on this.


mostly, its due to climate change


And here's a shining example of how global warming hurts hunting. I'm not even going to get into the argument about whether global warming is man-made or not. The facts I will extol is that global warming is indeed happening and it isn't a friend of the moose.


global warming is a bunch of bullshit!


I wouldn't go as far as Whatever, but I will say that anyone who is convinced that we have global warming should read today's weather for Houston and New Orleans.
We stocked the U.P. with 50 moose in 1986. Thank you Safari Club International! They provided a majority of the funding. Anyway, the forecast was that we would have 1,000 moose by 2000, and a limited hunting season. Its now 2008 and we have somewhere around 450 moose. While I believe they miss a lot of animals in the census, the population has experienced a lot more mortality than was expected. They don't survive well with whitetails and the deer population has been pretty high. I would imagine that the deer population would be high in Minnesota, also.
However, if temperature were to have any effect on moose populations, I would think that globalcooling would be more adverse to moose than global warming. Up here, warmer winters have much more snowfall. This is detrimental moreso to deer, which helps the moose.


Yooper- even global warming opponents admit that global warming is indeed fact. What isn't admitted is if the cause is man-made or not. BTW- what is happening in Houston and N.O. has absolutely little to no bearing on the overall ave. temp. of the world. Is there sea ice up North yet- no. Should there be-yes. That's a good indication of global warming.


To me, the argument of whether global warming is or is not happening, or is or is not manmade, is pointless. The things we would do to stop global warming are things that should be done anyway. Even if it's not happening, why would we want more air and water pollution. Why would we want more damage to the ecosystem in the name of mineral extraction?


Au Contrare! As a practicing forester, I would NEVER link snowfall in Bagdad, Jeruselum, Houston and New Orleans with global cooling. That is bona fide evidence of global warming! Huntergatherer is correct in that we should conserve, if for no other reason, than to line our own wallets. By conserving, we save money! Plus, we spew less pollution into the air.
However, I'm a bit disappointed, that no one, has offered to give up their job, so that global warming would diminish. No one has linked the decrease in automobile production to a reduction in global warming. You would think that autoworkers would gladly stay home to ensure the plantswould remain idle, and not pollute.
BTW, I drive a hybrid. I don't know, if in fact, I contibute to something that might or might not exist.
No one can convince me that this phenomenon exists. It might, or it might not. Furthermore, if in fact, it exists, I still don't know if its man-caused. Since I don't know for sure about things described above, I'm not willing to sacrifice my job, or your job, to attempt to solve, something that might or might not be.

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