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December 22, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Should 20-Year-Olds Need Permission To Own Guns?

Of course not, right. Yet they do in Illinois, according to this article from The Volokh Conspiracy, posted on the NRA’s website

Federal law makes it harder for 18-to-20-year-olds to get handguns, and some states prohibit it outright; yet nearly all states at least allow 18-to-20-year-olds to have long guns.

Except, it turns out, for Illinois, where state law bars 18-to-20-year-olds from possessing any gun -- including a stun gun -- unless they (1) have a parent or legal guardian's written consent, (2) haven't been convicted of any misdemeanor other than a traffic offense, and (3) the consenting parent or guardian isn't himself barred from owning a gun.

Check out the full article and tell us your reaction.



That's Illinois for ya. Nothing but crooked chicago democrats interested in lining their pockets with anti gun money and screwing everyone south of Lake county. Thank god the country voted for change this past presidential election....er...forget that thought.


"-- unless they (1) have a parent or legal guardian's written consent"?

Wha?! Im no lawyer, but aren't you legally considered an adult at 18? What legal authority do adults hold over someone 18+?


In the nanny state, everyone who is not a politician or special interest are considered children needing the sage wisdom of the collective to guide their actions. Might as well put, "the legislature's or executive's written consent."

Blue Ox

Yea- this state sucks. You can't even cut the cheese without needing a license or paying a tax of some sort. 'Da Guv' is already on his way out, now we just need to get 'Da Mayer' out of there along with Stroger and Illonois just might have a chance to save itself from itself.


As an 18 yr old living an hour south of Chicago, let me welcome you to my world...


I don't know how well this gets enforced though. I'm 19 and from Illinois and I was checked by two game wardens this deer season who checked all my permits and licenses and never said a word about my "parental consent." It is a bogus law though.


I think the Laws are very flawed in a sense i Got married whn i was 18 years old and i bought my first house when i was 20..So i had to sit in a House that i Owned and paid taxes on not able to protect it from Intruders..Now i Hunt so i had a 12 guage to protect me and my family if anything happened.. I turned 21 in July and my wife Took me to get a handgun for my Birthday..She also bought One she is about 8 months older then I ( a 9mm with Pink Handgrips Go Fifure!!)..Anyway I think that in a sense Coming from the Nieghborhood i grew up in i would not want 90% of the 18y/os there running around with Handguns so it's flawed in a sense that it Hurts the Common Responsible people but at the Same time it does help So What can i say i just waited until i was 21 and now im Fine


That was supposed to say go Figure!! Who even Knew they made Handguns with Pink Grips But hey its something we know enjoyn together Since before she met me she had never even touch a gun

POed Illinois citizen

Yeah, Illinois gun laws suck. Not only do we have these BS laws but we have NO concealed carry, no machine guns. The cops can't even have silencers.

The Man

You know who probably helped sign this into a law? president-elect barack hussien obama. Illinois sucks. this seems to be a violation of the second amendment to me.


in missouri u cant buy a hand gun till ur 21 i think


Whats anti-gun money?


I'm assuming CTB it is donations to political aspirees from organizations such as the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, and others. It is well documented that these organizations endorsed and contributed to Barack Obama's presidential campaign and other anti gun political hacks.


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