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December 15, 2008

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Discussion Topic: On Fox Pee As Vandal Deterrent

From Minnesota’s West Central Tribune:

Scott Edward Wagar faces charges of fifth-degree assault . . . .

He allegedly said he was fed up with his house being toilet-papered and had taken matters into his own hands [by spraying teenagers] with a "supersoaker" squirt gun filled with fox urine. . . .

What’s your reaction? Do you blame him?


My understanding is that this is part of a homecoming/senior prank that has been pulled on this guy for the last several years and he (the homeowner) has reached his limit.

The homeowner sprayed these trespassers with fox urine/water. The police can't arrest the trespassers without catching them on the property and hearing the owner tell them to leave.

So what's a property owner to do? Just let them trash his home?

The owner found a cell phone on the property to prove that @ least one teenager was there so why wasn't that kid punished for trespassing?

It's these types of laws (or lack thereof) that allow situations to escalate until someone gets killed.


Blue Ox

Them kids are lucky. Where I'm from there's a good chance they woulda been sprayed with 9 shot or rock salt.


This is the sad state this country is coming to: that people can't even protect their own property using non violent means anymore. those kids deserve a good *ss whooping, which they got, and that should be that.


If I was that guy those stupid punks would be getting sprayed with a lot more then just fox urine, it would have been more like pepper spray.

Mc. Squizzy

Hell once is alright but more than that is bad. I'd have paintballed em'

Brian T

Looks like a classic population ecologist's work: you catch 'em, you tag 'em and you release 'em. So where else did the honorable judge think the vandals got soaked with fox pee? The car wash?????


Thats awesome, shouls have used skunk

as moeggs

Just remember, anyone of us could be on a jury that hears a case like this. If it happens, remember to put the judge and the punks in their place. The courts have no room for BS like this.


I like the rock salt idea. Just wound them.


It doesn't sound like the guy even bothered pressing charges against the kids. He did not handle things well and it escalated. I think the kids should get mischievious conduct charges and the guy was right to recieve an assault charge. After all, these were kids that he was scrapping with.

Oh yeah, the kids got off easy! Everytime you trespass you are taking your life in your hands. You don't know if the guy has a doberman, paintball, or AR, and it's his property he has every right to defend with any amount of force he chooses.

Sorry William,

These are seniors in high school. They are old enough to know better and need to quit hiding behind their juvenile status and/or their parents.

My parents would have made me "man up" and apologize to the property owner for being such a putz.



Do people read these articles? It reads to me like he was booked for assault for breaking the finger of one of the kids (or reporting he had). Not for spraying fox urine. The kids were not on his property (heading towards it). He was obviously obsessed with this but had not informed police at all. Is it legal for a soldier to send his gov't issued night vision goggles to his father? Sounds like theft of government property.

The guy went way overboard. If he had broken the finger, he would have probably gotten first degree assault.

As for those on here advocating shooting kids for toilet paper, you are insane. Send your kids over to my house and I will shoot them with #9 shot, and send them back. I'm sure you will think nothing of it.

Mike D.

Patrick - My kids were raised to respect other people's property and a healthy regard for the consequences of misdeeds, so I'm confident my kids would not pull a nighttime raid on somebody's house in the first place. As for the broken finger, the kid should not have been there at all, let alone get close enough to be perceived as a threat. He's luck all he got was a crunched finger!


The kid DESERVED a broken finger; that's the tiniest risk you take when you do bad things, including harmless pranks.

Shot, no way.

Fox pee sprayed, oh definitely; that is classic & most fitting!

Teach your kids respect & remorse & to stand up for their actions & to accept punishment...That's the way the Greatest Generation was made!

Troy S.

When I was in High School, I heard stories about older classmates carrying on a Halloween tradition much like this at a much despised teacher's home. The home stood on a corner lot in the neighborhood, and if papering the huge trees wasn't bad enough, the teenagers would race their trucks through his yard to tear up the carefully manicured yard.

This went on until the teacher hung black spray-painted bricks below the low hanging limbs with fishing line. After the third broken windshield, the pranks stopped.


Boo hoo hoo, wah wah wah! Poor baby.

Had I done such a thing, my father would have had a meeting with my behind and his belt. Then he would have marched me over to the neighbor's home and have me apologize, then offer my services for helping maintain his lawn for the summer. Would I have done it, you bet I would. First, I would not want another meeting with my dad and his belt. Second, my father said I would. Third, it was part of my learning right from wrong.

If the kids were close enough to the home to get sprayed with a supersoaker in the first place, they were trespassing. The father did what he should have in taking his son to the homeowner and having him apologize. However, he should not have stopped the apology because the guy started shouting as his poor baby. Granted, the homeowner should have exercised control during an apology, but the kid did not learn anything when his dad stopped him from apologizing and left.

That said, I have a super concern about law enforcement. Why is it that a convenience store can call when someone removes something from the store without paying and the police search for and arrest the person, even though s(he) did not withness the theft? The fact is, the person removing the item without paying committed a crime. While it is a petty crime, trespassing is nonetheless a crime. Law enforcement should have acted on the complaint (the homeowner did call and report the crime and his actions) and made an arrest. They did not have to look far nor too hard in that the kid's father made a complaint against the homeowner. Oddly, they arrested the homeowner who was assaulted on his own property from someone behind him with the admitted help of the kid making the complaint. Yet, none of the kids were arrested for trespassing and assaulting the homeowner who defended himself and only possibly broke a finger of his assailant.

The father's complaint to the police alone proved his son was on someone else's property, uninvited, and one of the assailants. The others could have easily been identified from their smell. That is enough evidence for the police to make arrests, just as the description of a shoplifter is enough to make an arrest, especially when one is caught with the goods. The law (police and the judge) has made an error and are punishing the wrong person.


I'm still wondering how the guy got a fox to pee in his super-soaker.


The pranksters got much less than deserved. What a waste of law inforcement. After the spray all was even. Amen!


The way I read this poorly written story is that this admittedly didn't happen on his property and that the homeowner himself was trespassing on his neighbor's property in order to stop the kids from getting to his house. THe homeowner is a victim, but so are the children. The story indicated one or more of the children were 16. I have a hard time figuring out who was the least mature in this story, the 50 year old adolescent or the 16 year old adolescents. It sounds like the kids kept their cool far better than he did which is why he gets the assault charge. The way the story read it sounds like he went out there intentfully to assault them while they went towards the property with the intent of mischief. It's a wash. In all honesty the kids are minors so if they were arrested it is not going to be printed so the police probably made the right move but we will never know. All in all, the story was horribly written so we don't have a clue what happened.

Brucie Boy

I read this article and agree that it was not very well written. It was difficult for me to understand exactly what went on here. That being said, spraying fox urine on some teenage pranksters doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me; in fact it seems as though a little justice was served up by the homeowner, if that is all there was to this case.
On the other hand, situations like this can get way out of hand. A couple of years ago in the county next to mine there was a gentleman who was quite obessive about his lawn which was frequently used as a shortcut by the neighborhood kids. It seems he had had enough, especially from one kid in particular, and so decided to lay in wait inside his house with a .410 loaded with deer slugs. The result was one dead 15 year old and life in prison for the homeowner. Fox pee would have been quite mild by comparison.

billy da kid

Just kids my harry butt!!!! Give the guy a medel. What bugs the hell outta me is that those same punk ass kids can rape someone and then they're considered adults. Kill someone and again they're adults. If they have sex with a teacher then they're "children" and the teacher goes to jail and looses a career. Paper a house then once again they're children or as some idiots call em "kids". Get your house papered you jerk and then talk about the poor little kids. If they wanna act like 3rd graders then I'd wear some butt out with a leather belt.

billy da kid

Just kids my harry butt!!!! Give the guy a medel. What bugs the hell outta me is that those same punk ass kids can rape someone and then they're considered adults. Kill someone and again they're adults. If they have sex with a teacher then they're "children" and the teacher goes to jail and looses a career. Paper a house then once again they're children or as some idiots call em "kids". Get your house papered you jerk and then talk about the poor little kids. If they wanna act like 3rd graders then I'd wear some butt out with a leather belt.

The Man

it is all the kids fault if they toilet paper the guys house

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