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December 05, 2008

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Discussion Topic: On NFL Athletes And Guns

From the Washington Post:

Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress walked into a New York nightclub on Friday night carrying a gun and somehow managed to shoot himself in the leg. News reports indicate he wasn't licensed to carry the firearm. . . .

With [NFL] owners re-opening the collective bargaining agreement, maybe now is the time to make guns an issue. . . .

The owners and players should agree that players can't own handguns. . . .
Now, let's not start screaming about the Second Amendment. To begin with, the amendment should be abolished . . . .

[It won’t be] any time soon . . . [but] that should not prevent the NFL -- and all sports leagues -- from taking handguns away from their players. It is no more unconstitutional to say players can't own guns than it is to say they must be subjected to drug testing when there is no evidence they have used drugs, or saying they can be fined for speaking their mind about officiating.

Be sure to check out the full article and tell us your reaction.


Tom Sorenson

Do I hafta read the entire stupid article or can I just say based on what you posted I don't want to subject myself to reading such idiotic drivel?


Plaxico is just another example of athletes who think the rules don't apply to them. From the time these guys are kids, they are butt kissed and given a free pass from responsibility because they can play a sport. As the years pass, they are rewarded handsomly and thus feel untouchable. Feinstein still wants to blame everything/everyone but the person responsible for his undoing, Plaxico himself. He chose to carry an unlicensed gun and thus must suffer the consequences of doing so.

And while the NFL may try to be a father to these overpaid, under developed punks, I hardly think any company can tell their employees that they can't own a legal product. I can only imagine the lawsuits this will generate if the league tries to pass it.


Dan Sherman

This is another reminder to people who own guns and know how to handle them and ones the think they are Gangstas. PLaxico is an idiot!!!!!!


It would be laughable except that it's so infuriatingly ignorant.

Douglas J. Foley

He's an idiot!!! Its not so much a matter of Gun Control as it is a matter or common sense.

What do you think is going to happen when you tuck a gun in your waiste band or stick it in your pocket. Learn how to use a Gun, put on the Safety!


What else do you expect from The Washington Post??


What else would one expect from a rant by a liberal, jewish commentator working for the Washington Post! The commentator has no more knowledge of the Bill of Rights (not to mention the 2nd Amendment) than the man in the moon.
What Plaxico did was stupid (I understand he had on sweatpants so where did he keep the pistol?). I don't agree with the NYC Nazi regime's gun laws, but bottom line is he took a chance, broke the law and got caught. Now all gun owners have to face the flak from this athlete's carelessness. I wonder if that sports commentator is related to Senator Feinstein?
BTW 3.5 years for illegal weapons possession with no criminal intent borders on the absurd. Leave to the idiot lawmakers from NYC.


So John, are the liberals jews or Nazis?
I couldn't disagree more with the author of this blather, but it has nothing to do with the fact that he's Jewish. I'm part Jewish, a republican, a gun owner, and a hardcore hunter who could do without your stereotyping.


Joel, I meant no stereotyping. I did however make an educated guess that Mr. Feinstein was Jewish.
I grew up in NY and had/have plenty of Jewish friends. In my personal observation most of them tend to lean toward a liberal, political view. That's OK by me and we remain friends. I am a Democrat and retain a somewhat centrist view although I also remain a strong proponent of the Second Amendment. The tone of Mr. Feinstein's article and the fact that he writes for the Washington Post gives a pretty clear indication that he has an extreme liberal outlook towards social issues (repeal the Second Amendment?). Additionally, in my opinion, there is a more than a reasonable comparison of NYC and counties east gun laws to the German National Socialist Party gun law of 1938, hence my Nazi reference. I probably should have expressed my opinion in that manner. It would have been in much better taste to have left Mr. Feistein's ethnic/religious heritage out of my post especially when comparing NYC gun laws to that of Nazi Germany. If I offended you I apologize. It certainly wasn't my intent to do so or stereotype any particular group.


the thing is though, the laws dont apply to most people. They apply only to people who cant control themselves. As much as i hate to say it, as a astute believer in the second ammendment, guns have no place in the inner city. People there are just too dumb to be trusted with anything


dude I am 14 and would go nuts if someone tried to take away my rights that We shouldn't own guns. Besides i own 2 of them Thomas sr. and Thomas Jr ( right and left biceps)


I watched an interesting discussion last night. Allen Colmes was devestated by the OJ Simpson sentence. The man walked into a hotel room, with loaded guns, to rob the occupants. He'll be out, I guess in around six to fifteen years, 33 max.
Why would anyone stick up for someone that does that? Had the weapon been discharged, the bullet could've easily passed through the walls, injuring or killing an innocent person. Had this occured, the gun would've been blamed. Athletes, and real people, should have to take responsibility for their actions.
On the article, why should athletes be denied the same rights as the rest of us. I remember several incidents where pro football, basketball and hockey stars were killed, or had their careers ended in automobile accidents. Should we prohibit pro football players from possessing drivers licenses, also?


Did anybody else catch the "Now, let's not start screaming about the Second Amendment. To begin with, the amendment should be abolished..."??? are they saying that they should start taking away our constitutional rights???? such bulls**t


to the 14 year old,
not to say minors should not have have guns, as i am 17 and cherish my collection very much, but the constitution does not pertain to us, we do not vote, so we do not have rights. its a fact of life that we have to live with.

And to "a", while it is true, the majority of "street thugs" are far too dumb to be trusted with firearms, the fine respectable populants of the inner-city, such as my-self, are very capable of proper gun safety. until i am elected Secretary of I Choose Who is Smart Enough to Own a Gun, dumb people have the same gun freedoms as intelligent life form.


What the media needs to understand is that those individuals who own uns legitimatly and are in fact licensed to carry them aren't the ones getting involved in shootouts and don't shoot themselves withttheir own guns. And to Mr. Buress, you were carrying a Glock, it has no safety, don't carry it with a round cocked in sweatpants even if you were registered to carry it.

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