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December 18, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Sorry Mr. President, I'm Hunting That Day

From The Golf Channel:

Only seven Americans from the winning Ryder Cup team were in the Oval Office to meet with Presidents [sic] George W. Bush last month, and Steve Stricker was among those absent.
. . .

[I]t came down to priorities.
For the last dozen years, Stricker and his father-in-law, Dennis Tiziani, have taken family and friends to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a week of deer hunting when the season begins Nov. 15. The trip to the White House was Nov. 17. . . .

“[I]t wasn’t that hard of a decision because it was a family thing.”

What would you have done?



I am a supporter of visiting the president, but opening day of gun season is better than Christmas.


I am a conservative and vote with Republicans (mostly). I would have gone hunting. If it was Reagan in the the White House, I would have invited him along.

jersey pig

not to invoke religion here but, if jesus had invited me to heaven on opening day i still would have gone hunting (if going hunting was still an option)


(E) All of the above!


i would have invited bush along.

joe the plumber

dont invite cheney!

billy da kid

I would've invited Bush and Chaney along. What the heck? Surely it couldn't happen to him twice.Nobody has that bad of luck unless he/shes in combat.


Steve Stricker went to school at the University of Illinois, my alma mater and just a few miles from where I live. As you can imagine he has gotten a lot of press coverage here over the years, and is back in town occasionally to do charity work. One thing that is clear is that he is about as much of a "regular guy" as a person could be. He goes out, does his job and doesn't make a big deal out of it, so it doesn't surprise me that going to the White House took second spot compared to a family outing. Stories about him often include some family member, including in-laws and hey, how many deer seasons do you get in one lifetime?


What hunter would want to meet Bush anyway? He is no friend of public lands.

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