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December 03, 2008

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Deer Vs. Deer Hunter: Downed Buck Gores Missouri Man

From The Sedalia Democrat:

With his Remington .270 rifle in hand, [Randy Goodman, 47,] shot a nice buck broadside. . . . 
A second shot at about 30 yards away to the back of the neck put the buck down for good, or so Goodman thought. . . .

[H]e grabbed one horn he said, “Wow. What a big deer.”

As the nine-point, 240-pound buck lay lifeless the unexpected happened.

The buck stood up and knocked Goodman on his butt, attacking him with his antlers.

“It was 15 seconds of hell,” Goodman said.

Be sure to check out the full story.




I'm in school right now

This just goes to show that you can't assume it's down until you know for sure.



so he shot it twice and it came back to life? two words...DEER ZOMBIES! was the buck grunting "braaaiinnnnssss...braaaaiiiinnnnssss" by any chance? haha, in all seriousness it shows the importance of checking to make sure the deer is down for the count before grabbing ahold of it.

Teak Phillips

This story has generated a huge response from our readers, and our social media guy even wrote an item specifically about the reaction to the story: http://www.stltoday.com/blogzone/talk-of-the-day/

Wow, there sure are a lot of anti-hunters out there who use this kind of story as fuel for their hatred.

Mr. Creosote

I guess the .270 really does suck...


thats why you always poke the eye to see if its dead


I know it's hard to do with adrenaline going but wait and watch a downed large game animal at least 30 minutes before you physically check it. I should practice what I preach because lord knows I don't always wait long enough. Greg- deer zombies; I love it.

Mike Diehl

If you carry a .22LR handgun you can always give it one behind the ear, just to make sure.


Good idea by Mike w/the exception of Archery and Primitive weapon seasons at least in my state. One is prevented by law in my state from having a sidearm during those two separate seasons. During the firearm season, a sidearm for dispatching wounded game is permissable.


Sweet, sweet poetic justice.


Another internet troll.

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