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December 24, 2008

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David Spade Makes Gift Of 50 AR-15s

Just in time for the holidays.

From The Arizona Republic:

An unexpected donation from actor David Spade is expected to provide Phoenix police with enough money to buy an additional 50 semi-automatic rifles for patrol officers in 2009.

The $100,000 gift announced Monday means as many as 300 officers could soon be armed with Bushmaster AR-15s [despite] the city's ongoing budget strife.




Blue Ox

How cool is that?!


Silly them done you know that roosters dont lay eggs.


And I used to think David Spade was a jerk. He just went way up on my list of smart celebrities.


David Spade has $100,000 dollars? who'd a thunk it


David Spade is alive?

Jerry A.

Very nice. I will look at Mr. Spade with a new found respect from now on.

Sally Holtz

I have always liked David Spade and i'm very impressed with his generosity


I've always been a fan of David Spade i think the Most humbling story about this is a lot of people said he did it for the press whn in all actuality He requested it not be released to the press but the Pheonix Police department Called him later and asked him if it would be ok if they had a press release about it which he then agreed to after he already gave them the money..This also was his second donation to there department..The pictures you see of him with them are with a fake check because he had already given them one a couple of days earlier


Been a fan but had him pegged as a liberal. Happy to be wrong!!


He still could be a liberal.


That is a very gook thing for him to do. What I find the most intreating is the fact that most of the actors that are in our time are a bunch of hippies in my opinion.

The Man

Way to go David! I like David Spade, he is very funny in movies such as Tommy Boy and The Benchwarmers and in this tv show which i think is called rules of engagement he is funny in that also. And since im 15 I probably watch more tv than most of you that are commenting. There is this show called tmz where it is famous people that are spotted by camera men and he is always really nice on that show.


He's attracted to men in form-fitting uniforms and leather boots. Who isn't? Nice gesture, though.

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