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December 08, 2008

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Colorado Coyote Bites 9-Year-Old Boy

From the Daily Camera:

“Mom ... this thing ... it bit us!” [the boys] yelled. “Mom ... I hit it ... with my snowboard. Mom ... we think it was a fox!”

That’s the way the boys’ mom, Stacey Sandlin, remembers it anyway, and she was sure it was a joke. . . .

But then Tony, her 9-year-old, who was bundled up in a bright-red jacket, showed her his arm, the place where the animal — which turned out to be a coyote — had bitten and torn into his skin.



funny what happens when animals lose their fear of people...If i recall correctly there was a coyote attack in california fairly recently, and wild turkeys attacking people in suburbs. The same thing is eventually going to happen in NJ if they don't reinstate a bear season. Its a shame that it is going to take someone getting seriously hurt or killed before people wise up and learn the important role hunting and trapping play in managing wildlife.


Or maybe the stupid 9 year old kid shouldnt of gotten so close to the coyote... right?

Mc. Squizzy

no! coyotes can go rabid you know?


CTB, what is wrong with you? Coyotes attacks have been on the rise, and if that thing was not interested in attacking the boys then it would have gotten the hell out of there WAY faster than they could have chased or cornered it.

Grow a brain.

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