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December 30, 2008

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Chad Love: PETA Stinks

I generally try to refrain from blogging too much on PETA because quite frankly the group's antics don't warrant that much attention. As animal-rights groups go PETA is much less a genuine threat than say, the Fund for Animals or the Humane Society of the United States.

Why? Because given a choice between misguided half-nekkid chicks holding placards on a sidewalk or a team of fully-clothed lawyers in a courtroom I'll take the nekkid chicks. Pranksterism and publicity stunts may make headlines; legal action is what influences policy.

Having said that, did anyone doubt PETA would let Burger King's new "Flame" scent for men slide by without a response?

Of course not. So now I present for your culinary and olfactory pleasure..."Gore" the enticing new scent from PETA.




Gotta love those PETArds,I wonder what they are usin to get the "meat" smell, possibly from all the cats and dogs they've put down. Plus we get free fishin bait in every bottle, cant beat that.


I'd have thought that Al Gore was one of petas heroes.

Brian in California

Hahaha Mark! I too am surprised PETA would think Al Gore had the stink of death about him.


Oh wow, I would so hit every one of those chicken headed girls...SO fine, and you know they are stupid, too, what a great combo for a one night stand!


I don't mind PETA. They have absolutely no political pull, and frankly some of their antics are hilarious. As Mr. Love said, the groups we should worry about are the humane society and others that actually have a clue.

That and the fact that some of those "chicks" are fine as hell!


Ummm, chitlins! Bon appetit! Actually, I prefer the Korean version - chargrilled until crispy. As those who grew up on the farm will recall - all parts of a pig are edible.

If I recall correctly PETA is now part of HSUS. I still think many who donate to either are clueless as to their real agendas.


Can I seriously buy this stuff? As long as it smells like fresh sweet innards and not spilt stomach contents it'll go great with that gunppowder smell in the mornings. Successful hunt in a bottle-what joyous memories it holds.


Ah, to hell with them.


Amen Brother

Mike in Kansas

Hahahahaha!!!! Whats really entertaining is the comments left by people. Go PRYA(People for Really Yummy Animals)!!!


People Eating Tasty Animals

hell yeah

Spurwing Plover

I certianly would like to see these PETA idiots stranded on a desert island and see how long they would survive

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