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December 08, 2008

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Chad Love: Attack of The View

It seems Randy Goodman's deer refuses to die. You know the Missouri hunter's ordeal with a large buck that obviously never read any Jack O' Conner has attained true pop-culture status when it's discussed on that most somber, intellectually stimulating of television shows, The View.

I tried to find a video clip of the show. Really, I did. This morning I propped open my eyelids with pieces of toothpick (so I couldn't close my eyes), moved the volume control of my computer's speakers out of reach (so I was forced to listen), handcuffed myself to the desk (so I couldn't run away) and began watching video clips of The View.

I am now typing this blog post with one hand because the other is a bloody stump. The reason my other hand is now a bloody stump is fifteen minutes after clicking on that first video clip my estrogen reached a near-fatal level and I was forced to gnaw my handcuffed hand off at the wrist and run screaming out the back door in search of something manly to do.

I had absolutely no idea how dangerous daytime television was. If someone can find a clip of the show in question I'd appreciate a link, but please be very careful and whatever you do, ONLY WATCH IT ONCE! Any more than that and I promise you'll be reading Cosmo and uttering the phrase "you go, girl!" before you know what hit you.

So in lieu of the actual clip I present this for your reading pleasure

From the website:

While running on the treadmill this morning, I happened upon today’s episode of The View and heard Whoopi Goldberg introducing a HYSTERICAL story that I thought all you wonderful Ecorazzi readers would just LOOOOVVVEEE to hear!

Earlier this week, hunter Randy Goodman was out deer shootin’(what the Sarah Palin?) and fired two shots, killing a 240-pound buck…or so he thought! However, seconds later the revenge-seeking deer came back to life, knocked Goodman down and attacked him with his antlers in what the veteran hunter called “15 seconds of hell.” The deer ran a short distance and died, after Goodman fired two more shots....Now here at the Razz we never condone violence…but in this case we kinda condone violence. I mean come on, the deer died not the hunter, and I think it’s hysterical that Mr. Buck got in a few last seconds of whoop ass time. To quote Whoopi, “You know that man will never shoot anything again!” Hallelujah

And yes, the comments to the blog are every bit as intelligent as the post itself...


Mike Diehl

Whoop(t)i do?
Big whoop?

Elmer Fudd

well, if you want to root for the deer, I can live with that.


Someone needs to "Whoopi" her a$$


Did you really expect anything different from The Spew?


What did you expect from the view Chad? Pro-hunting, Pro-gun standpoints from liberal New Yorkers?

Unfortunately, as people are becoming farther separated from their hunting roots, this attitude is becoming more and more prevalent.



What's a television?


I left a comment on their board, for what its worth.


I left a comment on their board also stating how I found their celebration of another human's misfortune repugnant. They can state their dislike for hunting all they want, I don't care. But I'm sickened by their attitude that a hunter being injured while participating in an ethical and socially acceptable activity is not only acceptable but also a desirable event. I am very accepting of others views even when they differ from my own, but I wouldn't allow people like this in my house.


I often wonder if these idiots ever considered the unintended consequences of their views. The Michigan Deer season probably reduces that herd by somewhere between 25 and 33 per cent. If those animals were to survive, our trees would never regenerate. Our roads would be covered with carcasses. Would that elate them?
While I've never seen that show, I believe that it does exemplify, how far we would have to go, to be in sync with their views.



While I agree with your sentiments, your comment goes right to the heart of the issue when it comes to this topic (the guy getting gored by a wounded deer); that is, why do we feel the need to justify our pasttime (hunting) before these people? Every time we come under attack for hunting, everyone's quick to throw up justification for hunting; when, in fact, the attempts to do so just make us look defensive and as if we have something to hide. In due couse, after the hobby/sport/tradition, what have you, is attacked we have the holier-than-thou hunters who come out stating that they hunt relentlessly and it's those once-a-year yahoos who give us a bad name; then we have the urban and suburban sophisticates who show up saying that it's those dirty rednecks with no education or firearms training who give us a bad name; then we have the enviro-ethics crowd who shout the glories of thinning the herd, conservation efforts by hunters, and the good/charity that comes from the people in the sport. Is all of what these people claim true? To some extent, there are pros and cons to every sport/tradition/hobby. But why try to justify the sanctity and righteousness of hunting? It just is, it's something we do, something we enjoy, and a way of life. Why not answer these a-holes and nancies with a matter-of-fact answer: "So what? The guy did something not so bright and was unlucky. He paid for it, now it's done." When these idiots start to attack us on the issues such as attempting to ban certain types of hunting or weapons in the field, where we can hunt, and why we hunt, that's when we bring out the values and virtues of our cause. Not necessarily attacking your statement per so, I simply think it's symptomatic of the disease that infects our sport/hobby/past-time right now: an overblown sense of self-righteousness and a bit of societal guilt. I am also stating this having read the comments from The Spew fans as well as the comments on the original article linked in the "Best of the Boards" post.


I honestly have never looked at hunting the way you do. You hunt because you enjoy hunting. I hunt for a lot of reasons, one of which, is that I enjoy it. I'm not an effective hunter. I didn't get one this year. I still enjoyed trying.
I don't know why I tried to rationalize my enjoyment, I just did. Maybe I rationalize bathing, sleeping, eating and working also. I do things that make me feel better and I also get some enjoyment from doing them. Your approach is much more honest, however.



I appreciate your reply and to tell you the truth, I didn't get a thing this year either. Yet I still enjoyed getting out into the wild, it's relaxing. I wasn't criticizing you but I noticed this trend in the discussion on the original article about the deer attack (I forget the paper name). All the hunters there (on the article discussion board) who voiced support for the sport had some noble concept of themselves and the sport in mind when they *defended* it but it was always at the cost of another segment of the hunting community (including one bowhunter who accused those of us who can only hunt once a year of ruining it for everyone else) or the sport itself - casting it in the light of a "need" instead of a legitimate activity. I am just bewildered at the need of many in the hunting community to justify and defend hunting as if there is something "wrong" with it. If I came off as hostile or confrontational, I didn't mean it and I apologize. I simply saw in your post what I see in many posts regarding hunting - a justification for its existence and I thought it a good opportunity to start a discussion on the topic. If you or anyone else wants to chime in on this, I look forward to reading your thoughts.


Actually, I think I overreacted. I was impressed with your candor and wished I had the same. My reference to eating, sleeping, etc. was right on. I can think of many reasons to do something, and no reasons not to do. I put hunting in the same vein.
I guess my point was that some people believe that their world would be enhanced if other people didn't hunt. As a forester, who drives a lot, I disagree. That was my main theme. Along that line, is the disdain that we hunters evoke, from non-hunters. I don't see it at all up here so when I here about TV shows that debase us, I go a bit crazy. I'm also a bit perplexed that fathers don't take their kids hunting. While my daughters thought it was a form of punishment, my son lives for that season. I can't tell you how much the memories of hunting with him mean to me. Plus, the fact that felons can't hunt with a rifle really keep kids on the straight and narrow.
I could probably write a book on why I hunt. I am, however negligent, on my duty to reduce the deer population. I just don't care if I come out of the woods without a kill.


It is kinda childish of them for making fun of this man...no matter how funny it may be. But come on guys, its not like if a "liberal hippie" went out in the woods to post anti-hunting signs and got attacked by a deer you wouldnt make fun of him...I think as long as the person doesnt get hurt its funny. I saw this clip of this guy and his dog and he was yelling at the dog to go attack this deer that was a few yards away and the dog did and the deer pinned the dog and starting stomping all over him.. see thats funny too.

Dr. Ralph

Now I know all these women aren't vegetarians... so in following their logic it would be wonderfull if they were trampled by thousands of cattle. Hell Rosie was the host for years and she's responsible for the death of at least a few hundred cattle herself. How many Big Macs can a woman eat and still feel sorry for animals? Once again, as long as someone does their killing for them and they don't see it it doesn't really exist in their small minds. Nice picture of an elk instead of a deer on the web site by the way.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a saint for trying to go 4 on 1 with these wacko's... and looks damn good doing it.


I'm pretty sure that's a red stag ... and that would have been quite a story if he'd fought that somebitch off.


Ignorant bimbos still have a place in society ... god bless the USA! If we let the population grow, we'll have an open season in a couple of years. Oh, the possibilities ...

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