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November 14, 2008

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Week In Review: Best of the Boards

Ten more message board links that will make you laugh, argue, or refresh your page in disbelief. Round two of the best of the boards brought to you by our intern. See a message board story you think belongs on our next top ten? Send it to our intern at: [email protected]

Video: Could your drag stop this screamer? (stripersonline.com)
Pics: Great timing or a Photoshop hoax? Arrow meets deer mid-flight…(monstermuleys.com)
Pics: Biggest whitetail rack you've ever seen? (biggamehunt.net)
Topic: Best pranks to play in deer camp (huntingnet.com)
Pics: Ever seen elk this color? (monstermuleys.com)
Video: Closest moose shot you'll ever get (aventure-chasse-peche-video.com)
Video: Keep Fido sharp while you're at work (jessehunting.com)
Pics: Save money: a duct-tape plug bag (stripersonline.com)
Topic: Would you smoke in a tree stand? (empirehunting.com)
Topic: Were there ancient monster dinosaur muskie? (muskyhunter.com)


Blue Ox

That montermuleys pic was all sorts of photoshopped. Take away the woodsy background and all you got is a deer laying on the floor with an arrow stuck in it. The bloodstains are all wrong too, blood won't leak out that fast from a puny arrow.

Dr. Ralph

Striper run was very impressive... monstermuley was BS... Albino Elk may or may not be... The Moose nibbling the arrow is one of the best videos I have seen. This had to be taken in Yellowstone National Park or Banff. I've had the things eat out of my hand there.


Don't forget some of those in the left column of F&S Blogs as well!
My fave:

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