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November 04, 2008

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Special Report: The "Field & Stream Buck" Falls

Special Report by Field & Stream Senior Editor Colin Kearns

On September 4, we posted a video on our Whitetail 365 blog of a monster buck walking around unfenced property in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, that many hunters and deer experts speculated could be a new typical world record. Now, two months later, we have more images of the deer—courtesy of Bob Decker, the Wisconsin bowhunter who shot the deer on November 1.

Decker had been in a tree stand for more than three hours, seeing nothing, before he heard a twig snap below him. There, 40 yards away and coming closer, was a big buck. At the time, Decker only knew the deer was plenty big enough to shoot, so when the deer was 6 or 7 yards below, he released his arrow. The buck ran for 50 yards and dropped.

It wasn’t until Decker and his hunting buddy Paul Olson approached the deer that they realized just how big it was. As soon as they saw the buck, Olson started shouting that Decker had killed “the Field & Stream buck!”


F&S contributing editor Scott Bestul, who reported on the buck in the November issue of F&S, has not seen the actual rack, but based on the photos, he said he is almost certain that the buck Decker shot is the same from the video. However, Bestul believes the deer is not a world record and will be scored as a non-typical.


Decker said a score has not been released and added that it will be a close call on whether his buck will be scored typical or non-typical. “I’ve heard people say it could either way,” says Decker. “It’ll just be a judgment call. I have mixed feelings about [its potential as a world record]. I’d love it if it was the record. But if it’s not, maybe I can quietly ride off into the sunset and get out of the spotlight. Either way, I’m proud to have taken the deer.”

What do you think: World record or not? Typical or non-typical? And keep checking whitetail365.com for the latest on this story.


I've lived in buffalo county for over 30yrs I remember just asking the farmer to hunt and they would say go ahead. I'm just an average person living here I don't have 10 G's for a 3day hunt I'd like to see a disease hit buffalo county and have to eradicate the deer just like down below. It would lower taxes and everything else. It's cheaper to go hunting in a different state than in your own county!

Gunner Peterson

Holy Deer Thats a Monster that will look nice in the record books!!!

Gunner Peterson

Holy Deer Thats a Monster that will look nice in the record books!!!


Passing the smaller bucks. That's what its all about. I see deer camps near ours proudly displaying year and a half deer all the time. It hurts my heart unless its some kid that is maybe taking his first.
'We all gotta let em grow up.
I learned from a good friend who only killed big bucks that you have to wait for the big one. I just thought I only saw small ones.
Anyway, congrats and glad to see an archer (a real deer hunter) and a local boy score well.
Shoot straight!


Very nice. im glad it was taken with a bow from very close range and not with a rifle from 600 yds away. it just makes it that much better.


Very nice deer !!!!! I did not get out this year to bow hunt (no time)wish I had,and hay Trent read dont just look at the pictures.

Kyle Peterson


russ in texas

WOW !!! great buck! we have lots of big bucks here in Tx but i have yet to see 1 that big !the score ? who cares! the age ? who cares ! if i see a buck with spots on it & a rack like that im shootin !!!!congrats on a 1/10000000 buck!


i dont think the pictures do the buck justice, if it is the same buck as in the video. i would have to say it looks much larger in the video. but maybe that is because the video was taken from 400 yards

Jim in Mo

I said the same thing and people said I was wrong. I still think thats a different deer than the video. Tines don't disappear or get shorter. He's still out there.


Ha Ha Ha. So Jim, your telling me that there was two possible "WORLD RECORD" deer miles apart from each other. Dought it buddy. Stay off the refer.

buck master

i dont think its the same deer as the 365 because the top parts of the tines curve inward more than the 365 buck and i have also herd that there was another sighting in the about the same area as before so sorry not the same deer but nice one though

i heard they planted a big one from a deer farm with a monster rack and that there is soposet to be three of them up there that size.

Li'l Buck

Nice Buck. But it is not even close to the nontypical or typical record that F&S hoped when they first showed the video. There are too many deductions for a typical score and it would be lucky to fall into the 170 range. There are not enough nontypical points to have it score even 270.

wow nice buck,good shot with the bow how did you keep the peep on him.

"The deer, a 16 point, 3 1/2 year old buck that was reported to weigh 200 pounds after field dressing, was measured by Jack Dodge of Dodge’s Taxidermy in Elk Lake. Dodge declined to reveal the score noting that it would definately score over 200 inches."


I heard that from Dodge and read the article with that posting in it also. All you people talking about bottling up the genes, ha ha ha. More then 50% of the genes come from the doe. Yall need to do sum more research before you just sit at the computer and start typing away.

How big was the bait pile?

Hillbilly Hunter

theres no need for you to hunt anymore

will barhnes

thats a sucky buck i shot a fawn last year and it weighed 340 pounds it weighed more than a buffalo
when i shot it it started squecking then i took a dump on its head beat that

D&O Adventures

Thats A great Buck we would like to post the pictures on our website our website is listed below

Jerry Clark

I don't have words to think of! but my 8 year old son says "that is cool wow dad"


Wow too bad all the big bass are down south and all the big bucks are in Wisconsin so we get to hit them with our cars. Don't get me wrong, big deer are great, but if deer and fish were spread out, everyone would get a better chance of a trophy buck or bass. Spread those genes!!!!!


Unbelievable. Not too many like that in Central New Jersey.


In the northwest you are lucky to get a 5-by-5 with a good spread

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