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November 26, 2008

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Pennsylvania Soccer Mom Sues Over Concealed-Carry Permit

From an AP story in the Times Union:

A Pennsylvania woman sued a sheriff Monday who revoked her concealed-weapons permit after she upset fellow parents by wearing her holstered pistol to her 5-year-old daughter's soccer game . . . .

Meleanie Hain, 30, successfully appealed the revocation last month. . . [but] said Monday that her baby-sitting service has suffered, her children have been harassed, and she has been ostracized by her neighbors because of [the sheriff’s] actions. In one instance, she said, a neighbor who saw her in a local store had the manager ask her to leave because she was carrying her handgun.

"I fought for my right, and now I'm still being punished," she said.



The civil rights movement wasn't an easy battle either, but it strengthened our country and provided civil liberties for all Americans. This issue won't be won or lost in one battle either. This issue also isn't nearly as important, but is still just. I hope the woman is successful in her lawsuit and helps to further the right of American's to protect their right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness!


I have nothing againt this women for stand up for her rights, but how did they know she had a "consealed weapon" at the soccer game, or at the grocery? The law is pretty clear, concealed means just that, out of sight.I know and have known several people that have one(I did myself for years), It is most important that when you are legaly "Consealed" that it is something you know and the "bad guys" don't. I hope she does not give in to the anti's, but the best thing is to be as low key as possible.Let them "forget" and go on her way.

Mike Diehl

Sounds like she has some idiots in her community.


Good for her. I open carry or conceal carry all the time.


It is clearly within her right to carry as long as she is operating within the law. This does not however negate peoples right to be upset about it. (Not saying they should be, but they apparently are...)




I think we should have someone find were she lives and her address and help her pay hear legal fees. If we don't start standing up for our rights as a group.We are heading for a real show down.here in Nebraska we have a number of different cities that won't honor concealed to carry.I look for our legislature to take it up this year.

bill dude say what

Maqn If we all wore guns all the time we would not have to worry about people robbing others because everyone else could just pull out their guns. Good Idea???

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