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November 05, 2008

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Oregon Teen Bags Buck At Bus Stop

From The News Review:

It was about 7:25 a.m., and [eighth-grader] Eli [Wolfe] . . . had arrived at the bus stop. He . . . [looked] out onto an overgrown Christmas tree farm when he saw a deer walk into view 100 yards away. . . .

Eli was quick on the draw, pulling out his cell phone and calling Kai, his 11-year-old brother who was back at the house. Eli hurriedly explained to his brother that he was looking at a deer that he thought was a buck, so please be quick and bring his rifle out. . . .

The young Eli, sitting and resting his elbows on his knees, needed only one shot to drop the buck in its tracks. After several weekends and after-school hunting trips of tromping through the woods in boots, he had filled his tag wearing flip-flops and a pair of shorts.




Tom Sorenson

Haha! That's great! I wonder how that went down with the folks around Camas - near enough to Portland that I'm not thinking hunting is the most popular thing around! I love it!


A couple of years ago my uncle shot a nice 8 point in his slippers and PJ's. He hadn't seen many deer in the northern VT woods and it was too cold so he decided to stay home in the warm.

Mc. Squizzy

Where was this. Obviously somewhere everyone hunts. and somewhere rural. If i did that I'd be sued! Everyone around here is like "your a hunter? meanie! u like to kill animals for fun?" i know i know. I tell them to sick it city-boy. that just pisses me off. Cool for this kid though. good job.


It's illegal in my state to use a cell phone during a hunt to indicate where game are, the age, condition or sex of game, the direction they are moving or where other hunters are in relation to them. It seems to me that this article indicates that this might have been done in some form. I'm alittle surprised that nobody else has picked up on that.


Ya, william, those kids should be thrown in jail. The nerve! Young whippersnappers!

That isn't realy for me. Deer sometimes "make mistakes" and get nearer to people than normal when they know they are not being hunted and don't seem to care so much that they are seen. If I happen to see a buck walk across my driveway as I come home(which happens quite often) I do not pull a gun from under my seat and shoot it there. It spoils half the fun of the stalk and anticipation as your deer approaches closer and closer, so cautiously until....success! Good going anyway, kid!


Holy cow try killing one indoors. I did


I have been hunting for alomst 30 years, I grew up in "Rual Washington State" and frankly not to impressed with the kid "Bagging" his Buck just outside his front door. Frankly it reeks of Slob Hunter....
I am no elistist but it seems as though 75% of hunters these days prefer to "bag" their kill in their back yard close to a 6 pack versus hiking up Mtns and earning it. When deer and elk become almost tame it is bad enough to encounter "Mellow" animals in the wild, worse yet to take one down in a tree farm.
Do I trust a kid poping off his gun is a populated area? Camas is now the Burbs, not much "Rural" Not really.....


Congrats kid... glad your time in the woods paid off. As for all you old grumps being negative, look at this way, at least the kid is making an effort to be part of the hunting tradition. Our numbers are at an ever decreasing rate and rather than point out all the little flaws support your fellow hunters!


I agree with jimmy, way to go kid!


Hunting Tradition?. In your front yard....

Wow I thought "Tradition" meant stewardship,morales,hard work,earning your kill... Gosh where have I been!?.

Dr. Ralph

One of my best friends killed his largest deer in his back yard naked. He woke up to go to the bathroom, noticed the buck and grabbed his bow and snuck out the back door... He's put his time in sitting in treestands and stalking and he's proud of his deer. It's happening more and more as we invade their habitat I'm still not sure how to feel about it.


I could have reached behind me at the breakfast table for my bow to shot,(without having to get out of the chair,)through the open patio door, the 6 pointer eating 14 feet away beside the sun room. Besides being illegal & boring to hunt from inside a dwelling in Ontario,Can. I thought my in-laws might be upset at the hole in their new screening.(& is could be evidence,for the MNR) After 48 hours of tree time, the last day, I had no qualms about shooting the 6-pointer (same one?) that walked within 6 feet of me, and I had to wait for him to walk away so I could get my chin and hands off of the top of my bow. Should I have used Camo? scent? face paint?????????????


OOPS I forgot to mention that after 48 hours of tree time, I was sitting on a pile of rock in a field!

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