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November 10, 2008

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Montana Bowhunter Arrows Cougar To Save Buddy

From the Missoulan:
Steve Tintzman of Corvallis knows he’s got a good hunting partner in Hamilton’s Barry Lemon. And he’s got a photograph of one big mountain lion to prove it. . . .

[After hearing] a couple of bull elk down near their tents bugling and carrying on . . . , Lemon and another man started slowly stalking the elk while Tintzman hunkered down on the hillside. Lemon [then saw a] tawny critter flashing through the trees. . . .

“When it got about 25 yards away, I saw that it was mountain lion. . . . Its eyes were glued on Steve. . . .”

Suddenly, the mountain lion turned and began creeping right toward Tintzman, who had no idea the animal was anywhere near. . . .

“My mind was racing. All my experience in the outdoors told me the lion could cover 15 yards to zero in a matter of seconds. It was moving fast.”

Lemon pulled back his bow and let loose. The cat turned and ran off to die about 40 yards away.



I hate cats...


That is having someone' back, great shot.


That guy owes you a beer


I'll second the "I hate cats" comment


Funny thing is...that cat is a female and absolutely huge. Measured 186" from nose to tip of tail! That's a measurement coming from the Fish Wildlife and Parks!

thats 15 and a half feet come on


Correction, that is 86", my fault. 186 is a little ridiculous but I typed it wrong.

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