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November 17, 2008

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Elk Hunter Kills Stalking Mountain Lion

From the Daily Inter Lake:

With a hip shot to the head, an elk hunter killed a mountain lion that was stalking him on Crane Mountain south of Bigfork on Sunday. . .

“I was using a cow call and I was bugling when I heard a twig snap behind me. . . . [A] little less than 10 [sic] behind me was a mountain lion, belly to the ground, crawling right toward me," Smith said. "It was a pretty instantaneous response, it being that close and being in the attack position it was in."

Smith fired once from the hip with his 7 mm magnum rifle, the bullet striking the mountain lion in the head and killing it.


Glad the cougar decided to stalk such a crack-shot.


Thats Scary


Poor cat didn't know what it was up against.

thank the lord for a 7mm


Wow, I have chills just thinking about it!!

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