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November 24, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Ireland Eyes Gun Ban

From the Irish Times:

The Government has outlined its proposals for a ban on licensing handguns, which may be expanded to include all firearms in the future.

Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern said the legislation, which will be published shortly as part of the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous) Provisions Bill, had been drawn up in response to increasing concern over the proliferation of firearms. . . .

“My concern is that unless strong and decisive action is taken the number of handguns could grow exponentially and our firearms regime would equate to that of countries such as the United States,” Mr
Ahern said.

So, happy you live where you do?



I cant believe it. obama banned hand guns in ireland? its only a matter of time before he bans them here. then how will we protect our families and our homes? What I get out of this is that other countries see america as a gun loving nut hugging country whos top priority is keeping their guns and who is unaware of what else is going on. Ireland at least understands that if you ban hand guns nobody will have handguns, so whats the problem? I know you're all going to say "but criminals will still have them" which is your right wing gun butt buddy propaganda talk. Nobody will have them if the authorities do there job. thats what a ban is. Now just remember to shave the iron sights down on your hand gun so when you stick it up your ass you dont cut yourself.

Mike in Kansas

Its interesting that you say that a ban on handguns will keep everyone from having them. Thats like saying that making drugs illegal kept them from ever being used or sold. Should there ever be a ban in the US the bad guys will continue to use them and the innocent will continue to be killed in the process. You shouldnt let your hate and fear of something cloud your views.


Why dont we just try to ban bad guys and eliminate them and problem is solved.

Mike in Kansas

Hahahaha.....that is a great idea!!!


Good grief HDK - you may have just won the Cretin Comment of the Year award for 2008.

Against my better judgment regarding the feeding of trolls, I must rebel. So HDK, I ask: if the removal of weapons from the hands of criminals is so easy for authorities, why is a ban necessary? In your alternate slice of reality, a simple confiscatory action by authorities against criminals should rid us of the threat posed by criminals.

As you drool and sputter trying to wrap your head around this concept, we will continue to defend our families from the vicious and lawless using time tested methods.

I'm in school right now

obama didn't ban handguns. It says they don't want to become the u.s. with the number of handguns that we HAVE. i don't like obama as much as the next guy but i don't think he has anything to do with this.
Btw, what kind of hunting does ireland have anyway?



I have personally hunted rabbits in Ireland, to protect the grass of a co-worker's cattle herd, as well as to decrease the holes they dig and that the cattle break their legs in. This cattle rancher was a full time professional accountant at the company I worked for in his spare time (why in the world I have no idea; his land was worth literally tens of millions of euros).

That night, after hunting, I went to dinner with a bunch of additional "professionals" we worked with, and they all looked at me like I was a monster for having hunted earlier in the day...WHILE shoving steak, shrimp, chicken & pork into their mouths at the very same time!!!

Talk about blind hypocrisy!!


This is the reaction I get from PETA/Vegan crowd, they do not understand that to provide the acerage nessasary to grow their soybeans animals have to be dispaced, and that means killed. I love when they bring up organic, thinking somehow that organic pestcontrol does not kill.
they think that we can all become soy-eating PETA animal lovers, and that Bambi and his friends will"respect" our decesion to go meatless and "respect" our soybean fields, staying out of them and only eating weeds and grass. They do not understand nature and don't want to. The farther we remove ourselves from killing our food the more squimish as a society we become. The best thing my parents did when My brothers and I were little was taking us to a ranch where they butchered their own meat to make sausages, jerky, etc. We toured the prosessing plant, learning how the animals became the tasty food we sampled at the end of the tour. We loved it! No one cried, no one felt sorry for cattle, We now understood were the food came from and we slept nights.

Mr. Smith

HDK, Please take your trolling crap somewhere else...


The one thing I would ban is your stupid comments.


What do you have to say to fact that when Washington DC banned handguns; the crime rate went up?
Antigunners and antihunters base their views off of their emotion. They are completely out of touch with reality.


All this gun ban would do is take the guns out of the honest mans hands and make it easier for them to be robbed and maybe killed. The criminals will get whatever they want no matter what the law says, that is why they are criminals. HDK you are an idiot and you need to look at reality. And btw JNR great idea that would solve a lot of problems.


Please don't give HDK credibility by responding to his bull****!

Mike Diehl

Well, since HDK wants to "ban" activities that are protected under the US Bill of Rights, perhaps we should "ban" free speech under the first amendment. We can start by rounding up all the anti-firearms types and deporting them to some place where they'll be more comfortable. Perhaps, in the near future, Ireland (for example).



As you suggest that if the government did its job The only way the government could ban and confiscate all the guns would be to mobilize the army. Kick in doors. Do a complete search of every square inch of the country.

But you wont mind when a squad of marines kicks in your front door, points an m16 at your head and demands to know where your guns are as they trash your house to make sure you didn't hide them any where.

What a great country we would live in then.


When o when are these pricks going to wake up and smell the f----ing coffee. Handguns have been banned here in the UK since we had the tragedy at Dunblane but gun crime has climbed up ever since does that not tell these do-gooders something.
They say our prisons are over full I could half empty them over night.

First of all I said sarcastically that obama banned the hand guns because most of you right wing freaks most likely would of said "man obama even has pull in ireland?" and second of all if you would have read closely (its not that hard) I said that if the authorities do thier job the ban will be a success. If not than criminals and non-criminals alike will continue to have hand guns. I know you dont understand what I just said cuz your either beating your wife or putting a lift kit on your truck, but please try.


Wow HDK,
That was the most illiterate piece of garbage ever written.
Please remove yourself from the gene pool.

Wow HDK is a freaking moron! So based on an "if" we should ban all guns. Hum since bans work so well just look at prohibition that was a real success, it just turned regular law abiding individuals into criminals. Never mind the black market it created and the crime syndicates produced from that.


The IRA was not supposed to exist or have guns in Ireland...that worked well, eh? So much for the authorities doing their jobs.

The U.S. courts have decided that the authorities are not charged with protecting us, but they sure can restrict us and make our lives miserable if we aren't ever vigilent and proactive.

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