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November 26, 2008

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Discussion Topic: What’s For Thanksgiving Dinner?

From South Carolina’s The Times and Democrat:

THE ISSUE: Hunting and fishing

OUR OPINION: Outdoor sports should be fostered as key part of [the Thanksgiving] holiday

Americans know the economy is deflated, waistlines are inflated and there aren’t enough hours in the day to spend quality time with their families. As a result, many are looking for ways to save money, eat better and simplify their lives.

According to James Earl Kennamer, Ph.D., senior vice president of conservation programs for the National Wild Turkey Federation, there is no better way to support your local economy, get a jump on your New Year’s resolution to eat better and know your food is fresh than to hunt locally and eat your catch.

“Hunters have hunted local game and provided savory, fresh turkey, venison, elk and fish for their families for hundreds of years,” Kennamer said. “Wild game is healthier, and pursuing it is not only a chance to get outside and exercise, but it’s an activity that can be done with the whole family — most of the time without ever leaving your home county.”

So, will you be putting wild game on the table tomorrow?



A goose I shot on Saturday will be on my plumber's table Thanksgiving Day. I live on a small lake that serves as Grand Central Station for Canadas. My neighbor and I hunt geese in our "backyard" primarily as a means of population control. We give away most of the meat. Saturday's bounty went to the local "plumber" (a guy with a box of wrenches and a pick-up who knows more about pipes than I do).

We are traveling to visit family where two factory birds will be roasted. But - there's always Christmas dinner...

Brian T

Want organic? Get a hunting licence. We're thankful for the variety of local wildlife that we can put on the table. Every night of the week if we feel like it.


I squirrel hunt every weekend and this weekend will be no exception.

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