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November 25, 2008

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Colorado Bake Shops Offers Handgun-Shaped Cookies

What would you like today? Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or 9 millimeter?

From the Grand Junction Free Press:

You’ll find them on the bottom rack at the front counter at the Lincoln family’s West Third Street bakery: $2 sugar-cookie goodness shaped roughly in the form of a 9 millimeter.

“Join the Crowd,” a sign reads.

“All sales final.”

“No background checks.”

“No waiting period.”

“Circumvent those pesky taxes. . . .”

[Mary] Lincoln said she was “inspired” by national and local media reports earlier this month explaining a surge of firearm purchases following President-elect Barack Obama’s Nov. 4 victory.

“Just trying to stay on top of the retail game,” she said.



when we were kids, when my mom was finished with the cookies, and there was some left over dough, we(my brothers and I) could make any cookies we wanted, there were a lot of guns,tanks, planes, etc. my brother Joe was good at making and grenades.Every body laughed, no paniced and called child services(if it even existed back then) and we brought them to school.

did you and your bother make out then?

Mc. Squizzy

what the hell?! keep it on topic alright!


Small brains make comments like that, he is most likey only 12.

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