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November 04, 2008

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Chad Love: Vote and Self-Medicate

It's Election Day… finally, and while the rest of the country is busy deciding and debating its future, I'm going hunting. Yes, I voted before I headed out of town (I'm not that cynical…yet) but to be honest I am far more excited about engaging in my own, more intimate race than the one we've grown so weary of the past two excruciatingly long years.

The issues in my race are simple, the campaign is honorable: I’m trying to kill a deer and the deer, in turn, are trying to avoid me. I consider that contest not nearly as savage as those engaged in by the politicians, and one which is much more democratic. I have a marginal chance of killing a deer they have a better-than-marginal chance of preventing me from doing so. In a world awash in screaming bloviation, I ask you: What's more honest than that?

So cast your vote today, but then escape that circus as quickly as you can. Pick up a rod, a bow, a gun and go engage in a little self-medication. For better or worse it's almost over, and that fact alone is reason enough to celebrate. Don't sit home and watch election returns. That's time you can never get back and it won't affect a damn thing except your blood pressure.

You may think that attitude flippant, but I'm a simple, uncomplicated guy with a simple, uncomplicated worldview. I lack the intellectual depth to analyze our present and I don't possess the vision to predict our future. All I know is regardless of what happens today the sun will rise tomorrow, my family will still love me and the woods and water will still be out there waiting.  And that sounds like a pretty good future to me.



It was great to make history today! I was finally able to vote for a Viet Nam Veteran, and a woman! Thank you Lord for making me an American!

Good Luck and Good Hunting!


With Obuma & Blowden at the head, this country is screwed, Comrades!

Mike Diehl

I'm gonna miss all those political advertisements.... NOT!!


I had a choice on Saturday morning:
Hunt geese or vote early.

I voted for the geese.


Now this article is truly one of the best I have read on the website. I agree with everything you say. Whatever happens, all we can do is vote and hope. If it does not turn out our way there is not a thing we can do about it. It has happened in the past and may happen again. I'm with Chad, I'm out of here for the woods. Happy Hunting...


Hey! Did you guys hear that the record whitetail in Wisconsin has apparently been shot?!? Ya its on outdoorlife.com.


Thanks for your encouraging outlook on our day today. I am encouraged to vote and then spend time with the people/activities that I love. In the end, whatever the result of my vote may be, I know that we are not in control of this world, but we are guaranteed that all is under our Creator's control.

Chad's wife

Your family WILL still love you, indeed. Most days. ;-)


I can always console myself in the woods that is until they take my weapons.
We'ew having two days of rain and a Nor'easter. Won't be much moving till after midweek. I will refrain from any further remarks concerning the election.


We'ew should be we're


Chad - we think the same. I cast my absentee ballot on Friday, got up at 1AM on election day, showered, and drove north to spend the day in my tree stand. Unusually warm temps so didn't see a thing while the sun was out, but it was worth it nonetheless.

As for the elections, we have once again been shown the power of the media mixed with gullibility, ignorance, and people's pain. Now we'll see if this country can truly tolerate and survive a far left agenda.

Paul Wilke

I like to tell myself that being simple minded takes a lot of intellect.
This is the day after, and my choice did not prevail.
I will, (as an AMERICAN) support the new pres. and hope and pray.
And try to make him aware of the issues that caused me to vote for someone else.

Dr. Ralph

Obviously you're much too young to have developed the chronic bad attitude the rest of us are suffering with... keep your chin up, it makes a better target.



Ignorance, Gullibilty, FAR LEFT AGENDA, PLEASE!!!!, after the last 8 years you have the audacity to label Obama before he even takes office?. You should be thrilled a PRO ENVIRONMENT party has once agin taken power from the PARTY that trashes the environment.

The next time you try to find that quite, clean, wild place you fish or hunt ( before they dissapear for the next generation of hunters and fisherman ) thank one of those "FAR LEFTIES" that helped save it in the first place.

As an indipendent I'll take the so called far left over the nutty far right.

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