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November 19, 2008

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"Biggest Bird Poacher" Caught In California

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

California game wardens say they've bagged the biggest bird poacher they've seen in modern times - and they warn that with hard economic times pressing down everywhere, there will be more to come. . . .

"This was more than 300 birds, of just about every kind you can think of," said Foy, spokesman for the state Department of Fish and Game. "It was crazy. Disgusting. Back in the early 1900s we had people who killed birds illegally and brought them back to town, but even the old timers in our force haven't seen anything of this magnitude."


Dr. Ralph

Yeah I've seen Hispanics and Laotians walking the streams lately with nets basically emptying our streams of fish. Called the Game Warden and he says it's happening everywhere, people are hungry and are going to eat.

This is rediculous!! Nobody needs that many birds at any one time. This wasnt a hungry man feeding a starving family. This is poaching at its worst!!

Ciraulo, who was sentenced to two years probation, 100 hours of community service and fined $7,105."

"There's really nothing to say," he said, and then joked that he was headed out on a whale hunt.

WTF!!! How is this guy not spending any time in jail?!


I don't have a problem with people who can't afford food and then they might go out and poach just enough to put food on the table for them to survive. but this is crazy you don't need this much food at one time its outragous this guy should be jailed


If you're hungry, go to a food pantry, soup kitchen or free lunch program- don't go and poach. If you need to put food on the table for your family perhaps looking for employment is time better spent than hunting. I donate some of my venison every year to a feed the poor program and I would hope that this food goes to the needy rather than the needy poaching and limiting further hunting for everyone. In this day and age the resources required to go hunting usually costs more than the fruits of the labor so I don't buy the "poaching to help my family" schtick.

I'm also in school right now

Poaching is all around stupid..... hunting during season is sporty and well the coolest and best times I've ever had..... but Poaching is just plain dumb I fully agree with william on this topic


A caveat to William's insightful post which in principle I agree with would be those who poach for subsistance not having a license. There may very well be people out there who can't afford a hunting license or food. Those are the ones with nothing to lose and who generally are opportunistic poachers.
Example: Currently in my area there is very little work available off season and new home construction is at a standstill. The volunteer operated food pantries are over burdened and some residents are losing their homes. Deer regularly travel through my yard at night. I can see (as in foresee, not agree) someone in dire straits noticing deer travelling through their yard at night and bushwacking one for meat. I don't say that it's right, but I'm sure it's going to happen. Heck one doesn't even have to own a firearm, one could simply borrow one from a friend.


The resources required to harvest venison for the table are actually very cost effective. The search for a big buck and marketing is why hunting can be expensive. I introduced a friend of mine to deer hunting this year and he currently has about 75lbs of vension in the freezer for for a measly 45 dollars and helped with the doe management of my deer leases. Also in several states to kill a deer on your personal property during hunting season no permits are required. In that case you are down to the cost of puttin one in the dirt.


I think most of the cost per pound for venison is driven up by gas prices. It's nice if you have your own land to hunt on but the rest of us have to drive and burn increasingly more gas as less and less lands are available for hunting. If you cut out the price associated with driving to the hunt and cut out licensing and tag fees as well as processing fees the price is once again reasonable.

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