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November 11, 2008

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Arizona Jogger Runs Mile With Fox

Here’s one for the stranger-than-fiction file. From the Associated Press:
With a fox locked onto her arm, an Arizona jogger ran a mile to her car, where she was able to dislodge the animal, throw it into the trunk and drive to a Prescott hospital. The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said the fox, which later attacked an animal control officer, tested positive for rabies.


Mc. Squizzy

ooooo ouch! That's not good. Whenever you see a rabid animal in the field do the whole forest a favor and shoot it. It can only infect others!


That's crazy.


Rabies in on the rise in this country. Check out vids on you tube; very common disease in Thailand & India & sooooo horribly sad, lots of little kids die needlessly

Shoulda been running with a .500 in her pocket. The weight would have given her a better work out also. Lol.


Mc. Squizzy,
Amen to that brother.

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