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October 31, 2008

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Week in Review: Best of the Boards

There’s a lot of boring junk out there on the fishing and hunting forums, but hidden between that millionth McCain/Obama debate and those pictures of some dude’s lucky socks you can sometimes find really neat stuff. That’s why we’ve tasked our plucky intern with searching it out. He’s been prowling the forums long after the nine-to-fivers have punched the clock, hunting for the most interesting photos, videos, stories, and debates of the week. Here’s his first attempt. Help him out by sending links to [email protected].

Video: Surf fishing for great whites (stripersonline.com)
Topic: “Dope the deer and cut off the horns” (jesseshunting.com)
Topic: Losing your wedding band (empirehunting.com)
Pics: Ugly fish contest (swordfishingcentral.com)
Pics: A pocketbook-buck (bowsite.com)
Pics: Dead whale feeding frenzy (allcoast.com)
Pics: Angry squirrel vs. hungry owl (monstermuleys.com)
Pics: World record bait. (thebassbarn.com)
Pics: Hoax buck on Ohio DNR site? (huntingnet.com)
Pics: This is one funky-looking fish. (2coolfishing.net)



Who wants to volunteer to paddle a surf board out into shark territory with a bloody bait in hand? Not me.



Glad Cooper got canned, I wrote one of those e-mails that helped make it happen, and I am proud of it.

And the fact that he lied about contributing to McCain is even more revolting, trying to cover his ass with a lie!!


I don't get why some hunters/conservatives/republicans buy into Obama's rhetoric. Everyone knows this is election season and politicians will say anything to secure the votes they need to get elected (especially Dems because they are still frothing at the mouth over their loss to GWB in the last two elections). Near as I can tell, one of several things is occurring: 1. these people are simple-minded and cannot comprehend that someone might say something to win them over, even in a sincere manner, but not truly mean it; 2. these people are not really part of the fold, guns and hunting are optional to them and the loss of either would not matter so much (something they can live without - of course, the issues of gun ownership transcends hunting and sporting purposes); or, 3. Obama's messiah complex (eloquence, obfuscation, and absurd sincerity) truly has pulled the wool over their eyes. Obama is a constitutional scholar/lawyer, he knows how to twist words to convince but hide his true intentions. For instance, Obama may believe that the 2nd Amend. supports individual ownership but perhaps he does not believe it is a fundamental right (like the right to free speech or the right to raise your children) and therefore the gov. need only a rational basis to restrict that ownership into non-existence. That's the problem with the Heller decision (and I suspect Just. Kennedy is to blame), while the SCOTUS said that the 2nd Amend protects and individual's rights to ownership of personal firearms, it did not classify the right as fundamental nor did it assign a level of scrutiny used to assess and analyze restrictions placed on firearm ownership (just look at what DC did after the Heller decision - their actions violated the spirit of the opinion but it is questionable whether DC's actions actually violate the text of the opinion). We are seeing many defections to the Obama camp and I believe it is because people are caught up in their own hopes for the nation and Obama allows them to believe that he will work with them on this (within reason - Doug Kmeic) because he doesn't really stand on any solid policy position. So he can be all things to all people; a screen they can project their hopes, aspirations, etc. onto. Then again, perhaps these defections by Repubs./Conservatives to the Obama camp is simply positioning for shelter to avoid the storm that follows his election (and perhaps a place in his administration). Like the saying goes, if you can't beat em', join em'.


I know, my first post was long, but I have one more thing I would like to put out there and would like to hear other people's thoughts on my suspicion. With all the hubbub and rumor-mongering leading up to the election, one issue that has fallen into obscurity is Obama's position on UN involvement in this country. This is important to hunters and outdoorsmen because the UN already has some control over national parks in this country and is ever-eager to further inflict its political will on this nation. Will Obama further cede our sovereignty to the UN by granting more land to it as "World Heritage Sites"? While he is protectionist on labor, he is a globalist in terms of control and politics (notice his trip overseas to garner the support of old Europe and the rest of the world - even Hamas). It's also important because the UN is staunchly anti-gun/personal ownership. What do you guys/girls think?


I don't think he has an original idea in his head.His financial numbers don't add up, he is promising everything to everybody, just wait for the fall.the shame(sham?) of it all, is those who took intrest in politics for the first time will be so disinchanted, If they vote this time, they will never vote again.

Mc. Squizzy

check out my blog. i'll be posting some stories there.

Mc. Squizzy

check out my blog. i'll be posting some stories there. www.mcsquizzy1.blogspot.com

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