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October 27, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Hunters Robbing Hunters

From the Baltimore Sun:
The person who walked off with a hunting stand and related paraphernalia from a wooded area in Gambrills might have had a second thought if he knew who owned them: Sheriff Ronald S. Bateman.

The missing objects are worth a total of about $500, he says. . . .

"You just don't take another hunter's stuff," Bateman said. "It's like stealing a crabber's crab pot. . . ."

This story hits close to home for me. Having had several stands stolen from me in the past, I usually put a lock on each one I hang. Last week, I forgot to bring a lock, hung the stand anyway, and sure enough, it got swiped. So the question for today is: What kind of @$$#%!& steals a fellow hunter’s tree stand?



Two years ago I had five tree stands and a pop up blind stolen from my private property. They are lucky I didn't catch them on a game cam or in the act it would not of been pretty. I think that if some is caught steeling stands it should be a loss of their hunting privileges.


Two years ago I had five tree stands and a pop up blind stolen from my private property. They are lucky I didn't catch them on a game cam or in the act it would not of been pretty. I think that if some is caught steeling stands it should be a loss of their hunting privileges.


Lowlife pieces of sh*t...God I HATE thieves!!!


I've come across stands on public lands and it never occured to me that people would steal them. To me hunters are a group that respect each other. This stand had a lock on it which opened my eyes to the fact that my outlook was through rose colored glasses. I agree with T.R. hunter's caught stealing from other hunters should have thier license pulled permanently.


recently, here in north-central WV a gas company came through and spent a week running seismic testing over a large portion of one of the counties in the area. Most of those folks who didn't take down their game cameras that week now no longer own any game cameras.


Mike Diehl

In general I think anyone who steals or damages property should lose their hunting and fishing privileges and also all permits for use of Federal and State land.

It does not surprise me. We know that some people out there on the landscape will take anything that is not tied down, and of course there's people who cut fences, shoot signs and water tanks, etc.

That said, we can't know for a fact that the thief in Chad's and other instances was a hunter. It could as easily have been some delusional "animal rights" activist. Until you know who did it you just can't know much apart from the fact that you've been robbed and you're ticked off.

jersey pig

in my usual hunting grounds thievery of stands is at such a rate that i no longer use hang on stands but take a climber with me each time i go in. i have had several stands stolen and nothing quite agitates me like losing a day of hunting and a stand.

as for the culprit the usual suspect is a local neer'do well who is always stealing anything he gets his hands on (hunting bows out of vehicles, equipment from gun clubs, stands from public and private property) who by the way doesnt hunt.

wish like hell hed get locked up by someone but knowing the criminal justice system in this state he'd get 5 minutes of probation and a $10 fine.


While I totally agree with the posted comments, please be advised; In Michigan, on CFR, State or Federal lands, you may erect a stand prior to season. I think they're OK now. You have a couple of weeks after season to get them out. In the event that employees or contractors find these in spring or summer, they have to report their locations. After that the landowner or agency will remove them. In the event that I find them, I try to contact the owner before contacting the agency. However, most of the time, the owner's name and address aren't attached. This is another violation.


Good Point! Mike D. Though in my area the animal rights activists are more likely to sabotatge the stand itself or the woods around it by urinating and in some cases defecating so as to 'mark' the place and chase game away.

Chad Love

Actually, Mike, I believe that was Dave, although I've had my own tales of woe with thievin' beotches, and it seems to be getting worse.
Public, private, doesn't seem to matter. If you hang it up, there's someone out there who'll find it and pack it off.
That's why I've pretty much stopped using my $800 dog box in favor of a $50 plastic pet porter when I'm hunting. If I didn't I'm sure I'd come back some morning and find my dog box gone.


Maybe it is just me, but I don't even use another hunter's stand. Got to respect what led to putting that stand in that location. I do try to figure out why they chose that particular spot, though. Might learn something. Funny, I had a stand set up on public land without a lock for 4 years, hoping someone would steal it (hated that stand). Never did get stolen. But now that there is a new seat and pads and lock on it .... Trail cams are a big concern, too.

Hey, I urinate right off my stand ... never seems to disturb the deer. I let loose on a scrape and checked a few days later. It was still being used. Let the anti's piss to their heart's content. Not sure how the deer take to human defecation, though. Might have to try an experiment in the off season. What I will be sure to report is that very high capsicum levels in stools do repel deer and, because of that, I don't recommend habanero/scotch bonnet peppers before a hunt. Would love to catch an anti after that on a trail cam ... with sound.


i like everybody else had a ladder stand taken off state land in mi.it had 2 locks on it. i guess some poor lowlife needed it more then me i hope he falls out of it.makes you wonder about craigslist and ebay .all these guys that are"clearing out there garage" of the 10 treestands they have


my uncle used to hunt north of Slave Lk, which 25 years ago was wilderness. every year they set up a huge tent camp and hunted moose and bear. they were heading back to camp one day and some guys were fixing a truk on the side of the road. While chatting with them about what could be wrong he notices his custom painted axe handle sticking out of the box and then several other items from their camp. keeping quiet he took note of licence plate and guys descriptions. headed to nearest town and phoned police. both were wanted for other thefts and were apprehended a few days later. myself, I leave my Akita in camp to keep bears and hoodlums away otherwise the theiving is horrible.


I hunt in central PA, and wish I could hang a few hang on stands. I can't afford the loss. I always carry my climber. I've talked to several hunters in the area that just remove the bottom steps when they leave. I wouldn't dare put a game camera anywhere near public ground that sees any amount of use. I know several people that no longer own them.
Like in any activity that people participate in, there are always a couple from a large group that will bring a bad name to us all.

At work, wishing I was hunting instead

Would the location mentioned in the post be Gambrills, MD? Also, I agree with some of the above -- I hate thieves more than anything else.

At work, wishing I was hunting instead

Umm, nevermind. I didn't look at who was reporting the story -- the Baltimore Sun. Reason to believe that its Gambrills MD. Duh....


I steal deer stands and equipment all the time while in the woods. The catch is they are from guys who don't know what a fence is. I've had people cut my fences, drive in on atv's and hang stands. I generally take them the Friday before opener. I've even had one guy ask for his stand back!
nowhere OK

I'm in school right now

Me, my brother, my dad, and my grandpa went posting no hunting and tresspassing signs on our land this weekend and we were amazed at the amount of driving that had been done on our roads. We figured they'd been there for pheasants, but the problem is is that we don't have pheasants on our land. That got me wondering: are people hunting turkeys and/or deer on our land even though they shouldn't be? Also, every deer gun season some idiot is on our land because "they didn't see the signs". Well open your eyes we have our land posted every quarter mile. That's why there is public land.


One Shot

Stealing is a lazy mans way...something for nothing leaves you hell to pay


Good thoughts Mike (Diehl)! A friend of mine was hunting in the public duck blinds on NPS property operated by the National Park Service off of NC 12 adjacent to Nags Head, NC. One must park in parking areas off of and parallel to NC 12 and wade into the particular duck blind one had drawn. While he was hunting, an animal rights whacko slashed all of his truck tires and left him a scribbled manifesto note on his windshield condemning him for hunting.
My deer hunting friend and I have been fortunate in that no one so far has tampered with or taken our climber stands at his property (small farm).
We have taken down tree stands that were on his property w/out permission, and if the owner comes looking for it my friend will return it along with a friendly warning that he had placed it on private property. He will also show the trespasser where exactly his property is. Most of the time the stands were placed on the edge of my friends property and more often than not it's an honest mistake. He does however inform the person that if he finds it on his property again he will keep the stand.
I just don't understand what's wrong with people. Don't people still teach their kids that if it isn't yours, don't touch it!

don mitchell

thieves are not hunters, they are scumbag pigs.



These are not hunters stealing hunters equipment. These thieves stealing hunters equipment and they give the majority a bad rep. If I had to guess, I'd say the same stealing stands and other hunters equipment are the same poachers we see the remains of. Taking away their license would do no good because they probably don't use them anyway.


What about getting a gutted deer stolen while you head back to your truck.

Jerry Allemann

John R,

That is the problem. I'm a police officer in Missouri and property crimes are our worst problem. My parents would have kicked my @$$ if I ever came home with property that didn't belong to me, now I think parents turn a blind eye to this sort of thing. Of course, I'm 38 years old and times have changed, for the worse, mostly.



So ive been trying to find information on deerstands on public land, private land id of no concern to me and stealing on private land is stupid and i even lock my stands on my parents land. what ticks me off is by following the state laws i must put up and remove my stand each day i hunt on state land. so i do! but does anyone have any idea how hard that is especially when there are other hunters and much layzier hunters. im the first one in the woods and the last one out. on my way in and out i see many stands hanging there not being used for days at a time and i never know when they will be there. they find a good spot and take it. If your on public land and not following the law like everyone else then thats just to bad if your stand ends up missing, though i have never taken a stand yet! i do like to set up two or three trees away from them and wait for them to arrive, lol really ticks em off when they see me sitting there.

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