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October 23, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Economy Make You Want To Go Hunting?

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Wall Street's woes may put more hunters in the woods this fall.

A new report examining trends in license sales in all 50 states found that, when the economy goes south -- and when new housing construction in particular slows -- more people hunt. . . .

It could be that a slow housing market simply gives would-be hunters time to get into the woods.

[The] survey found that 22 percent of active hunters nationally work in the construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and craftsman trades.

So, will you be hunting more this year? Or is the bad economy cutting into your hunting?



More. Hunting does not have to be an expensive pursuit. I think we sometimes make it needlessly expensive. So I encourage all budget-hampered hunters: don't hang up the bow or keep your gun locked away. Just tone it down on the expenses.

Pack some meals.
Last year's gear will work just fine.
Sit on a stump, you don't need a $99 shooter's seat and neither did your great-grandfather.
Wear another layer of wool and skip buying more heat packs.
Do you really need to spend $100 on more ammo? Use what you have.
Sharpen your broadheads - do you really need a new set?
Sleep in a tent or your truck.

Of course, the gear-n-gadget guys don't want to hear any of this.


the big cost to a lot of hunters that I have talked to is gas.The biggest answer they give me is to go local. The the Breaks are a favorate place? well this year try the Bridgers.

Stupid liberal "higher education" has been keeping me outa the woods. The only chance I'll have at a trophy this year is with pure luck. No time for scouting, skill, or persistance.

Mike Diehl

More. I saved more vacation time for the hunting season this year than I did last year.


While I may make fewer trips to hunt, I plan on staying longer each time I go.

We're getting close the the best two hunting weeks of the year and my butt will be in a stand as much as possible.



I have to agree. I had lots of vacation to burn and I camped for the whole season to save gas.


More but closer to home; basically I can afford to fill my truck once per pay period so I won't be trekking off to the mountains this year just staying in closer to home. Filling the deer tag would help the budget enough that I am a bit more urgent this year than in past seasons.


More but closer to home; I can afford to fill my truck once per pay period. I won't be trekking off to the mountains this fall. I will say that putting a deer in the freezer would be a big help to the budget this year so there is a bit more urgency than in past seasons.

Elmer Fudd

When the economy is good, I need hunting for the recreation; when it's bad, I need the escape... So no change in my habits except more time to go when it's slow I guess


Unfortunately for me I work in a homeless shelter so when the economy gets bad I'm stuck at work for longer periods of time. This means I've already had to cut my early muzzleloader season short with an unfilled tag. On the bright side in my line of work a bad economy means job security.


More ... its been a stressful year. I need to escape and hide in the woods. If I run into a bear I might try to wrestle him to get rid of some of the tension. The way I feel right now the bear would lose. If I run into a buck? No wrestling necessary ... hauling him out of the woods will wear me out just fine.

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