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October 27, 2008

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Chad Love: If McCain Loses ...

As we get closer to election day  and the dismal  poll numbers keep rolling in for the McCain-Palin camp, it  might be time to start looking past the election. Hollywood certainly is.

From hollywoodreporter.com :
As  campaign  managers for Sarah Palin plot last-minute tactics to get her  elected,  Hollywood bigwigs are convening strategy sessions of their own.  Their goal:  finding the ideal on-air vehicle for the vp candidate if and  when she exits  politics.

Love her or hate   her -- there doesn't seem to be much middle ground with Palin -- the   44-year-old hockey mom has captured the public imagination in a way no   politician has since, well, Barack  Obama.

But as  more and more polls cast doubt on the  McCain-Palin ticket, producers and  agents across the entertainment world  are discussing possibilities for  capitalizing on her fame, ranging from  an Oprah-style syndicated talk show to  a Sean Hannity-like perch in  cable news or on  radio.

So  here's an  idle thought: In the long run would it actually be better for  us if McCain lost? Think about it, what's the favorite pastime of  millions of American lemmings, I mean citizens? That's right, killing  brain cells in front of a TV. Regardless of questions concerning her  qualifications for VP, you  can't deny she's tailor-made for television.  As a vehicle for getting the hunting/shooting cause into the national  dialogue where it  belongs, this potentially beats the hell out of her current candidacy. 

Why? Because a McCain-Palin administration would be nothing like a Bush-Cheney administration. Despite the campaign rhetoric, Sarah Palin's role is going to revert right back to to what the VP's was before Dick Cheney entered the office: ribbon-cuttings and attending the funerals of third-world potentates. And really, what good is that going to do us?

But a Palin talk show? Priceless. It has the potential  to project a pro-hunting, pro-firearms image to millions of people. So  let's say for the sake of argument that McCain loses and Palin gets snatched up by a network. You are now the executive producer of her forthcoming  show. What will be the format and what will be the topics? How would you  present Palin to the world?



No Anthony, you reflect poorly on the hunting and fishing community.
Read and listen to what BHO writes and says. He is an avowed socialist, supported by terrorists and terrorist countries, and has sealed all his and his wife's records. WHY? They can be found, and they are very revealing about who he is and what he wants this country to be.
No insults here, just truth.
I'll take the war hero, regardless of things I disagree with him on, because the alternative is not the "change" I want for the USA.


To Wow. I was born in 1991, and I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I don't live in a small town and my DAD was born in 1956. So stop embarassing yourself. Beacuse he couldn't sound more like a terrorist with a name like Barack Hussein Obama.


By the way Anthony, purely as an exercise, what type of hate-filled message could be written about John McCain? What type of hate could be directed at him other than he's a Republican? Oh, let's investigate and attack his wife.
Oops, nothing there.
Perhaps that's why the left (supported shamelessly by most major media) focused so strongly on Sarah Louise Palin (I think I like that name a lot better than BHO's).
As soon as she was announced, they launched attacks against her voice, her town, her state, her children, her wardrobe, her "oh-my-god" hunting, her husband, her basketball playing (Sarah Barracuda, I think she'd kick BHO's butt at BBall), her being a pageant winner (oh-my-god a beautiful woman, but she's a gasp-Republican), her actually trying to get a dirtbag ex-brother-in-law fired for drinking on the job, bad job performance, and even using (even if the kid asked for it-which he did)a taser on a young boy.
Oh, well, let's call her ignorant, she didn't graduate from Harvard or Yale. No, but she worked her way through college on initiative, not discrimination.
She must be destroyed. We can't possibly discuss policies, on which she has way more experience and success than BHO. She's actually done something on her own and been successful, all the while raising a large loving family.

All the while, nothing but blind eyes and adoration poured over BHO.

If you read at all, and aren't simply a troll, the hatred, racism, and insults have come all from the left.
Show me one speech where McCain-Palin referred to BHO's name, race, or looks.That all came from BHO's campaign, in his own speeches.
THAT's called rabble-rousing.
That's called projection, distract attention from what you are doing or have done, by charging your opponent with it.


Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury in a Republican administration, just engineered a $700 billion taxpayer-financed bailout of the financial services industry - and they are now hoarding the money! That, my friends, is socialism with cojones.

When will some of you dunderheads get the point that the "socialist" label you pin on Obama is irrelevant? As are most the other hysterical rants about birth certificates and voting "Present?"

This nation has undergone 16 years of angry polarization, thanks largely to Newt and his Contract on America's scorched earth tactics. Should the Dems sweep, I truly hope they reinstill a sense of civility to government.

But I would understand if they spent the next two years stepping on some necks and laughing their a$$e$ off. Payback's a beach, fellas.


Out of all four candidates, which one would be most likely to read Field & Stream. Easy answer-Palin. She and her husband are outdoorspeople. McCain/Palin get my vote.

If Obama wins, the Democraps will have the White House and supermajorities in both house of Congress. There will be no oversight or accountability. This is too much power to one party.

In addition to all sorts of gun restrictions supported by Obama and the Democrat leadership in the Congress, they will increase our taxes and stifle growth in the economy. Obama wants to increase tax on capital gains. Everytime we have done this, it has meant less money for the federal government, so bigger deficits. Further, he wants to increase taxes on small businesses and corporations, forcing them to either lay off workers or pass the increase on to the consumers (a tax we all feel).

On foreign policy, even the president of France Mr. Sarkozy said that he views Obama's stance on Iran as 'utterly immature' and comprised of 'formulations empty of all content.'

McCain/Palin is the only way to go.


I have to agree that the bailout was a terrible idea.
If you hope Democrats will be the ones to "reinstall a sense of civility to government" you are either truly delusional or haven't been awake since 1990. The Clintons and their ilk, with the James Carville's leading the charge, took all civility away.
Hillary's and Algore's screeching overrode all of the old "gentleman's" ways.
This has been the ugliest campaign I've ever seen, and the reason McCain-Palin are behind in the polls is they've refused to get down in the mud.
The American people have noticed, and they will reject the Code-Pinks, the CAIRS, the Michael Moore's, the Daily Kos kooks, the John Murtha's and all the other America "is the worst" crowd.
Hey, name me one place better.
They will support the only ticket at the moment that actually believes in America.
From one dunderhead to one scheisskopf. (thats german, you figure it out)


Barack Obama, the lead Presidential Democratic Party candidate,
is for banning all guns in America .
He is considered by those who have dealt with him
as a bit more than just a little self-righteous.
At a recent rural elementary school assembly in East Texas ,
he asked the audience for total quiet.
Then, in the silence, he started to slowly clap his hands once every few seconds,
holding the audience in total silence.
Then he said into the microphone, 'Children, every time I clap my hands together,
a child in America dies from gun violence. '
Then, little Richard Earl, with a proud East Texas drawl, pierced the quiet and said:
''Well, dumb-ass, stop clapping!'


Oh, and Gman,
"But I would understand if they spent the next two years stepping on some necks and laughing their a$$e$ off."
Wonder why I call them Socialists?Which you dismiss as irrelevant?
Think about it, if you can.


My great-grandfather came from Bavaria, johnl, and my folks spoke, as they say. I don't have to work too hard to figure that out.

You're a class act.


I dont understand how palin calls obama unamerican when her own husband is part of a group who are for the alaskan independence. He ( palins husband ) thinks alaska should be a seperate country from america. what is more unamerican than thinking the state you live in should be considered a differant country than the country it belongs to. Just didnt make sense to me really.


First off the racist, bigotted comments make us look awful. There are much more objective reasons to reject Obama and his new side-kick Joe Biden. As has been often said here Obama claims to want to change America but provides no blueprint no fresh ideas, his rediculous half hour info-mercial left any thinking person with many questions and few answers. It is all well and good to say you will help the 'middle-class' but somewhere in there tell us HOW you plan to do that!
In the end Obama will give us a higher tax bill and no change!


You critisize Cheney and Rumsfeld in a parrot like way, you have no substance to back up your comments, you simply watch too much Comedy Central and similar garbage on the Idiot box and parrot their drivel.
I will say that I am NOT a big fan of Dick Cheney though in the wake of 9/11 he was the calming influence in Washington while GWB wanted to attack half the world. Don Rumsfeld wasn't on my favorites list either; until I got to talking to a lot of troops that served under him, he was all for the troops and to hell with Congress or the media or at times even the White House!



The keystone of Obama's tax program is to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the highest earners. It's been well documented and sourced that anybody making less than $250,000 will be taxed less.

I think, given the huge amount of deficit and the bailout tab, we're gonna end up with higher taxes no matter who's elected.

It's one thing to adopt a "tax and spend" reputation like the Dems. Quite another to implement a "don't tax and spend" like W has.

We in deep dog doo.

John C.

I think Palin will be just like Bush when it comes to hunting, she will talk a big talk to appeal to the Bubba vote, but then pay only trivial interest to the issues once elected.

I base this assumption on the fact that most of her major speeches have been written by Matthew Scully, an avowed anti-hunting activist, who penned a book on the topic called Dominion.

You can check out Scully's bio and articles at matthewscully.com


Obama's tax plan keeps changing. First it was $250K, then $200K, and not it's $150K. By inaguration day, it will be $50K.

Fact is, nobody will get a tax break under Obama. First, the liberal Democrats will have supermajorities in both houses of Congress. Spending will be out of control, creating more massive government. Obama even wants to give checks to those paying zero federal taxes (welfare).

Secondly, Obama has promised to increase taxes on small business and corporations. Thus, these companies will either layoff workers or raise their prices (in effect, a tax on us all, such that even if you miraculously get a tax break, you will be paying more for goods and services).

Thirdly, Obama has endorsed a 500% increase in the federal tax on firearms and ammo. Who the hell wants to pay five times as much for a box of shells (assuming that they don't take our guns first).

Recall that Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who wants to bring her San Francisco values to all of us, wants to call a special session of congress in between election day and inaguration day (if Obama wins) to get started on their "agenda".

Lastly, Obama wants to raise capital gains tax. Everytime we have done this in US history, it has meant less revenues for the government, leading to more taxes. His whole plan is bass ackwards.


Also remember that Obama has promised to appoint anti-gun judges to the federal courts. This means hundreds of district court judges, scores of appellate court judges, and a couple or few Supreme court judges. Since cases rarely go to the Supreme Court, the district and appellate level judges affect are lives even more. Thus, we cannot afford to have Obama's anti-gun judges on these lower courts.

Further, president's appoint all kinds of administrative bureaucrats. Obama's will be happy to sign on to things like international small arms control, an expansive ATF to drive legitimate gun dealers out of business, etc.


Nobodys going to get a tax cut with obama? I will. Almost everyone I know will. And with all my new money I can buy more ammo and guns.


Obama has voted for tax increases on people making $42K.

Obama has promised to increase taxes on small business and corporations. Thus, these companies will either layoff workers or raise their prices. When the raise their prices, we all pay more (in effect, another TAX increase).

Obama has endorsed a 500% increase in the federal tax on firearms and ammo. Thus, you would pay five times as much tax for guns/ammo--to the extent that Obama and Pelosi hasn't already banned them.


well to me obama does have some good points but then so does every other candidate, I'm getting my family to vote for Mccain or trying that is..... no matter what this presedential race isn't gonna be a real productive one

I'm in school right now

Let's look at it this way...
How can Obama promise that he will have the country better of by 2020 or 2050?? Hello!?!?! You won't be in office that long (even IF you do get elected). The first president that comes in after you could just as easily wipe it all out. Secondly, If obama gets elected, that means a majority of elected members would be democrats. The house, senate, and presidency will have more dems. That literally means that anything the democrats want can get passed with a majority vote. I can understand wanting change and all, but really. It will take the 4 or so years for people to realize that he's terrible. He'll ruin the country.


Sick of it

Sick of the far-right wing of the Rep. party who vote only on the 3-G issues (Gods Gays Guns). I have been a life long Repub.but will no be voting Dem. I am sick of the hate and venom coming from my party. I am grown up enough to admit mistakes and the last 8 years have been a massive mistake.


"sick of it" is a TROLL guys.
He's an Obama wannabe.
If you read this string at all, God hasn't been mentioned very little if at all, Gays haven't been in it at all, and while Guns were a portion, they were NOT ALL that our votes are based on.
Wasn't it BHO that accused us "small town people, clinging to their bibles and guns, with antipathy towards those not like themselves"?
Hate and venom? He's looking in a mirror.
Vote for whoever you want, but don't LIE.


And anybody that thinks John McCain is far-right wing is clinically delusional. He's just far and away better than the alternative.

To: I'm in school right now.
Keep doing your own independent thinking, no matter what the indoctrination coming from public schools. You'll go far.


The bulk of the US population is just right of center (not far right, but just to the right of center). McCain is about the same. On the other hand, Obama and Biden are so far left that they can't even see the center. I predict many Obama voters will have buyer's remorse.


Amen to your first point, at least I hope so.
BHO by his voting record (skimpy as it is) is the most liberal Senator, followed by Kennedy, then Biden, so your second point is right on target.
As to your third point, I don't think they'll have buyer's remorse, cause I don't think his election is gonna happen.
Unless you mean they'll think they should've backed another horse (donkey?).

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