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September 29, 2008

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North Dakota Pheasant Outfitter Pleads Guilty To Shooting Eagle

From the Associated Press:

Gary Stang, 63, pleaded guilty Thursday in a deal with prosecutors to the charge of attempting to take and kill a protected migratory bird.

He was arrested in March near his hunting excursion business, the same day investigators with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service set up the stuffed eagle decoy as a way to lure him into shooting it. . . .

Under the plea deal, Stang was sentenced to a year of probation, a fine of more than $1,000, and the loss of hunting privileges in North America for one year. Stang also will give up a rifle, scope and ammunition. . .
Stang's attorney, Tom Dickson, said his client is under the mistaken impression that raptors — including eagles, hawks and owls — are hurting his business by preying on pheasants.

"Some of our older farmers have an irrational attitude toward birds of prey," Dickson said. "This would be one of those situations."



I used to have feral cats on my property and thought it was great to have a natural enviroment for the critters to live in. A friend told me they were eating my pheasants and quails! Next guess what happend....

da King

this Stang guy is an idiot, why would you ever shoot an eagle?

I'm in school right now

Notice how these are the stories that make the paper. Only the bad ones about hunters.


Tom G

Nate, our myopic friend. First, it is true that the story of the bank robber will always make the news and that the stories of the hundreds who opened accounts will not. Second, your statement is not "always true." Look at the next post on the blog.

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