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September 23, 2008

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Minnesota Donation Program Will Accept Whole-Cut Venison

From the Star Tribune:

Minnesota food shelves will be able to accept venison donated by deer hunters again this fall, thanks to major changes designed to keep lead bullet fragments out of the meat.

Officials feared that the program, which encourages hunters to thin a burgeoning state deer herd, might have to be ended after lead fragments were found earlier this year in ground venison donated to food shelves.

Among the changes:

• All donated venison must be processed into whole cuts -- no ground venison will be accepted.



Well looky here. Looks like good stuff does come out of banning lead in ammunition.

I'm in school right now

The fact that it takes some bogus crap like lead poisoning to get them to do something like this is pathetic.



Its good to see that something is being done with extra meat and it is going to a good cause. Also glad to see that the meat can still be used even though the leaad bans are in effect.


Jimmy the meat is being used BECAUSE the lead bans are in effect.

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