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September 29, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Michigan Senate Green-Lights Wolf Shootings

From an AP story in The Holland Sentinel:

The Michigan Senate has voted unanimously to let farmers kill gray wolves caught in the act of attacking their livestock — assuming the state removes the wolf from its threatened species list. . . .

Legislation approved Thursday also would let the owners of hunting dogs kill wolves caught attacking their dogs.

The DNR supports the bills. They soon could reach Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

However, the issue could become moot if environmental groups win a lawsuit seeking to return wolves to the federal endangered species list.

Your reaction?


I'm in school right now

Hunters should be allowed to kill wolves attacking them or their animals whether they're protected or not.


I'm in school right now

Not hunters so much as farmers. My bad.


Walt Smith

Our forfathers killed this species off for a reason. The beauty and grace of this animal is without question,BUT, like any predator that loses its fear of man they are more than happy to knock humans off the top of the food chain.


these animals are still threatened there should be no reason for killing them....what next kill all the deer because they are eating the farmers crops?

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