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September 03, 2008

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6-Year-Old Frog-Selling Business Goes Belly-Up

From The East Oregonian:
"I have all sizes and ages of frogs to fit your needs," read[s a flyer from Oregon first-grader Cole Gomes]. "My frogs make great presents, pets, projects and pond decorations! Prices vary and cages (are available) upon request. All frogs have been handled by people and make great pets for all ages," the pitch continues, concluding, "Right now I have a special on baby frogs, so call now. . . .”

Problem is, his frogs are on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife protected wildlife list -- so wildlife officials shut the boy’s business down.


Tom Sorenson

Well, he's back in business it sounds like. This is just up the road from me - in the heart of some great elk and deer hunting. Used to live in that area, in fact....a few years ago when I was about two years old! Good for him - glad he didn't just call it quits! Best of luck to the kid.


More gov intervention...that'll get the economy rolling! Sheesh. That kids following the American dream-work hard for what you want. He'll be rich someday.

jersey pig

shut him down? im sure that hes having a major effect on the population. leave the kid alone. finally a kid shows initiative and smarts to make a little money and he gets stomped.


Glad they shut him down.The pet industry is having a very negative impact on the ecosystem.

Christina Montgomery-Gomes

Thats my brother and he doesnt quit, he has expanded his business to Union county and is doing great. He didnt do a thing wrong and all the frogs went to good approved homes, he went as far as to call and check up on them!! The ODFW has nothing better to do than pick on my little brother and that didnt settle with my family! Cole is still in business and doing awesome despite the governemnt and the animal rights loons!!! Atta kid Cole!!

Casey Gomes

My brother is the man and he will be one of most valued and successful people of the future. Shame on those who try to say other wise, he has done great with his business and cares about his frogs and where they go! He has done NOTHING wrong and they need to find more important people to attack than my little brother, try illegal hunting or something. But frogs? grow up!! Way to go little brother, keep'em hoppin'!!!!

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