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August 29, 2008

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Squirrel Seasons Are Opening. Will You Be Hunting?

From southwestern Illinois’ News-Democrat :

Squirrel hunting in Illinois opened on Aug. 1 with little fanfare.

Unlike the start of deer season -- which many consider an unofficial state holiday, causing hunters to skip work or play hooky from school -- and opening day of turkey season, there is no breathless countdown to bushytail season.

"There's still a few people that hunt them, but definitely not as many as there used to be," said Jerry Simpson, owner of Jerry's Tackle and Guns in Highland. "Years ago, I used to get a lot of guys coming in
here who loved to go squirrel hunting.

"Now, everybody is too busy. . . ."

What about you? Will you hunt squirrels this season?


David Rushing

I love squirrel. It tastes so good. I went this weekend and got 5 and they are on the stove right now. All you squirrel hunters keep on rocking.

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