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August 22, 2008

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New Jersey Town Aims To Shrink Hunter Access

From an NRA press release:
In an attempt to further erode New Jersey’s rich hunting heritage, the Wall Township Committee passed on first reading an ordinance that will prohibit a person from having a loaded firearm or nocked arrow while within 650 feet of any building, school playground or municipal park. Current New Jersey statues set the limit at 450 feet.  This 200-foot increase will dramatically impact your access to hunting and will encourage further restrictions in the future.

Click on the link above to learn what you can do.



AW [email protected]! I just got my license then this!

Mike Diehl

Just as a matter of curiousity, does this mean that there won't be any competitive archers or target shooters from this town? I don't know of an archery or rifle range that isn't within 650 feet of "a building" -- if nothing other than the operations center for the range itself.


Yeah, Mike that is about what it means. A good friend of my who still lives in N.J., is a certified shooting instructor and has a hard time finding places to shoot, mostly private clubs, but if these "gun Nazi" have their way shooting will be a thing of the past in the Garden state.The corruption from the governor on down is so bad, there is no relief in sight.


man, im glad i live in pennslyvannia

don mitchell

come to MICHIGAN,we have it GOOD.



I find it funny that you can't have a knocked arrow added to this. I wasn't aware that there were many "accidents" where knocked arrows shot themselves miraculously into schools and other public areas. They might as well add no rocks, snowballs or sticks within 650 feet either. I lay awake at night in fear of rocks, sticks and snowballs accidentally hurting people.

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