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August 20, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Bears Vs. Humans In Alaska’s Biggest City

From the Anchorage Daily News:
Even in a city whose logo is "Big Wild Life," the summer of 2008 is testing residents' tolerance for large carnivores.

The problem is bears, black bears and bigger grizzlies. So far this summer, three people have been mauled in the city.

Some people say humans are to blame for the confrontations and insist that no bears should be killed because of the attacks. [Others] . . . want something done about the big bruins.

A few excerpts on each side of the debate:
-- "It is pretty much unsafe to walk around at night," [bear-attack victim Devon Rees] said.

--People using the city parks need to practice some common sense, said Dave Parker, a 25-year-old resident of Wasilla, outside the municipality.

"The bears were here before we were," Parker said. "You don't go swimming in shark-infested waters and don't expect to be bit. . . ."

--Mike Vogel, a 51-year-old insurance agent, was stomped by a moose in 2003 on a popular city trail. . . . "We need to kill some of these bears and we need to kill some of these moose," he said. Vogel accuses Fish and Game of catering to "bunny huggers."

"I think the pecking order needs to be re-established with humans on top," he said. "What other city in the world has pernicious wildlife running around in its city parks?"

Care to chime in?


Rabid Outdoorsman

If other means of control (relocation) and educating of the human population are not proving effective then other means are necessary. Harvesting the moose and bear to get the population better under control is a good idea if it limits the number of attacks.


I agree with Mike Vogel on the pecking order needing to be re-established with humans on top. When people start getting attacked it sends a message that they have lost their respect for people. It also means there are a few too many.


while I agree some serious smack needs to be laid down on the bears in los anchorage, most of the people attacked in and around anchorage this summer were big, wild, idiots! try as it might, anchorage isnt just another crappy big city, its sooo much less! besides the usual cast of characters: murderers, wanna-be gangstas, hookers, the inebriated indigenous, crack dealers, etc, anchorage offers you the chance to be EATEN or STOMPED! that .44 isnt good for just street thugs anymore...the real alaska starts at the anchorage city limits...

m man

maryland has a wat to over populated deer population that continues to grow and the bag limit is 10 does and 2 bucks during firearm season bow season its unlimited does. But that still is not enough to stop the population from increasing because of what he said "bunny huggers" wont let the DNR raise the bag limit with out a fight
I think we all need to put bumper stickers on our cars saying:
PETA-People Eating Tasty Animals


YIKES.....Do ya all wonder WHY bear and deer populations explode?, curios how they survived for thousands of years BEFORE Europeans arrived. If people dont like bears, dont move to the the country or for that matter Alaska. PETA ( I dont liek PETA either )has nothing to do with it, it is STUPID people, if NATE is trully talking about the FOOD CHAIN, then my vote goes to the bears, if you care to keep the playing field FAIR. I say the gene pool needs some cleansing so let the bears chomp a few kooks.....
Spend your time worrying about the problems that kill thousands of people as opposed to just a few "Headline" bear attacks....
Let bear, deer and all the other wild animals fend for themselves, get some humans OUT of wild places and you will see BETTER hunting and actual WILD animals as opposed to slightly domesticated ones.

Blue Ox

These people gotta stop and think about where they're living.
Some common sense & a few precautions wouldn't hurt, either.


Here is a possible solution. Lower the cost of out of state hunting permits. Apparently Alaskan residents are not interested in taking care of the bear and moose problem. Let (qualified) out of state residents come in and hunt for these animals with a lower cost permit. This would allow people who do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a hunt, the oppurtunity to take a trophy at a price they can afford, and at the same time take care of the bear and moose problem.


Sam- I like your way of thinking. If they lower out of state permit costs- I'm as good as there.

Blue Ox

Me too!


sam: youre a perfect example of someone who doesnt know jack-shit..


I'm sorry Mr. Vogel had a run-in with a bear but the animal was most likely provoked. Please, before everyone jumps on that bandwagon... provocation means whatever the BEAR thinks it means. Not what people might think... Perhaps the animal was frightened, or found Mr. Vogel to be in the bears "personal space". Alaska's wildlife draws many visitors,(both hunters and nonhunters to the state and we must remember... they live here too!

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