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August 28, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Property Rights Or Poaching?

From the Craig Daily Press:

Moffat County [Colorado] rancher Rodney Culverwell, 41, is charged with 80 poaching crimes for allegedly killing 16 elk this winter.

His defense attorney said Culverwell acted in defense of his property because the elk continually destroyed hay and fencing this winter—[and the Colorado Division of Wildlife did nothing to stop it.]

The 14th Judicial District Attorney’s Office maintains Culverwell did not exhaust legal remedies before shooting elk.

Check out the full story and tell us what you think. Should Culverwell be allowed to shoot elk that are damaging his property?



I lived in Craig, Co. for 53 years. I was raised on a ranch. I know firsthand the problems with wildlife in hayfields and hay stacks. My problem with this is that Rodney charges at least $80,000 for a trespass fee-google RioRoMo Ranch. He wants the elk in there during hunting season. How are they suppose to know that when he starts feeding the cattle, they are suppose to leave?


If there was no fine involved, would the state give a damn that he killed elk? Of course not. Elk are all over like s**t in Colorado. It's all about the money, folks. But it's OK to kill wolves in Alaska, when other industies are "ruined" by them like industries with a lot of money and influence. The animals and citizens are pawns in the money game.

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