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August 22, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Arkansas Lifts Ban On Spinning-Wing Decoys

From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission lifted the statewide ban on spinning-wing decoys as part of its 2008-2009 waterfowl regulations package at its monthly meeting Thursday at Little Rock.

Duck hunters will be allowed to use spinning-wing decoys on both private and public land this season. . . .
“We took a survey . . . last year that showed folks wanted us to bring the spinning-wing decoy back[,” said commissioner George Dunklin of DeWitt . . . .]

“[The] U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service . . . sent us a letter in March saying that hunting with spinning-wing decoys had no demonstrable impacts on overall [duck ] harvest rates or [duck ] population levels.”

What’s your reaction? Should spinning wing decoys be legal or not?


Rabid Outdoorsman

Spinning wing decoys don't kill ducks people kill ducks. All kidding aside, I have seen spinning wing decoys as super effective. The wing motion can be see 4-5 times further than simply decoys on the water and because of this ducks are drawn to it from much larger distances. Early season is best as ducks tend to get wise to the motion later in the season. If legal in your area they are well worth the investment.


I live in AR and see no reason for them not to be legal.In surrounding states they are so I see no harm that could come of them here.

Matt M

How high tech and artificial do we want hunting to be? Use real skill and quit relying on made in china technology.Ban the damn things.


i am going to start muzzleloading this fall, and i picked up the CVA wolf. this thing comes with a extendable ramrod, and i am not sure if i will be able to tell if the bullet is fully seated. are there any tricks in figuring out how to get the bullet seated. if there are i would sure like to know.


Chris- you can buy a little tool that has a ball on one end with a short rod that comes off of it and a little nipple looking things on the ball. Use this contraption {I can't remember it's name] to seat the ball. I would highly recommend replacing the ramrod that it came with with a higher quality ramrod that won't break on you at an inopportune time.


Spinning wing decoys are a disgrace. It is nothing but an excuse for bad hunters. The real hunters kills ducks without them. Personally i believe all motorized hunting devices should be outlawed. Adding two hens and allowing the use of spinning wing decoys shows no respect for ducks. I have spent three years working for the AGFC and believe this is nothing but a ploy to sell more licenses.


Jacob, while I respect your experience at what is one of the best state agencies in the country, your "real hunters" attitude is neither accurate nor helpful.

For starters, by the admission of your (former?) employer, there is no correlation between number-of-ducks-harvested and the use/non-use of motorized decoys.

More directly, the "real hunters use ____" argument is lame, tired, ineffective, and unnecessarily divisive. Be it flints/caps/in-line muzzleloaders, cross/compound/traditional bows, decoys, calibers, et al, the discussion yields no winners, with the possible exception of the anti-hunter.

In the future I hope you will be consider a little more tolerance toward your fellow outdoorsman, especially the ones who are honorable enough to respect the laws of the state.


The ban boiled down to over regulation. The commission ban the decoys in the beginning due to the beliefs of a few commission members. No scientific evidence proved their determent to duck populations. At least they righted the wrong. I say ban them if they do cause a drop in duck numbers, just prove it first! And for the people who think hunters that use them aren't really hunters at all...get real. I can shoot and call with the best, but am also smart enough to use any LEGAL advantage I can get.

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