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August 25, 2008

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Blind Hunter Bags Antelope With 200-Yard Shot

From the Las Cruces Sun-News:

Burned over 80 percent of his body, blinded in both eyes, without a left hand and hospitalized for over a year-and-a half following an area fire and explosion, [Mike Sanders] life seemed to him to be over. . . .

"I thought that I was going to lay around the house and never do anything again," Sanders said.

[A]n avid hunter before he was disabled[, Sanders] said he was recently encouraged by a friend to try hunting again.

With the help of special equipment . . . Sanders, along with his wife, Michelle, and his friend, Joe Chepin, made [a] trip to the Double H Ranch near Datil and Magdalena. About 10 miles east of the ranch, the group spotted a group of antelope. After two missed shots, he hit one from about 200 yards away with a .308 caliber rifle.

"I loved it," he said.


Mc. Squizzy

wow that's really cool as long as he drops the animal and doesn't just maim it.


sorry, i fail to see how this was hunting. did he spot the game? stalk the game? field dress the game? hunting is more than just pulling the trigger. i applaud his persaverance and attitude. i applaud his friend for giving him the opportunity but it doesn't fit my definition of hunting.

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