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July 15, 2008

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Pennsylvania Grandma Vs. Rabid Fox

From the Pocono Record:

Avis Blakeslee, 77, was attacked by a rabid fox Monday near her Cherry Valley Road home and came away from the confrontation with multiple bites on her right leg and left arm, severe loss of blood and four days of treatment at Pocono Medical Center.

The fox was pinned to the ground by Blakeslee, held there by grandson, Matt Blakeslee, 17, and shot to death by her son, Richard Blakeslee.



That's weird, never did hear of a fox attack before.


Mc. Squizzy

ouch. Shots, shots, shots.


Fox Attack!

New one on me, but any rabid animal will act crazy and sometimes attack and act like my EX-Wife! LOL

I do know of a farmer Friend of mine who was attacked by a rabid skunk once and he shot it to find out later after testing that it was Rabid.

I remember hearing of our Past President Jimmy Carter being attacked by a rabbit while canoeing once, and he beat it off with a canoe paddle. ( True Story )
Look it up and you will find out it was true.

Anyone old enough to remember that one?



god for that grandma, she's kickin foxes asses

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