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July 14, 2008

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New Oklahoma State-Record Whitetail

It’s official. Oklahoma’s typical whitetail record of 185 6/8 was bested by two bucks in 2007. A 21-point giant taken by one Jason Boyett scored 192 5/8. And the new state record, a 12-pointer taken by John Ehmer, scored 194 even, according to this story from NewsOK.com.



Nice Buck sonny boy.


Oklahoma has some really nice deer, BUT, (there's that but [butt!?] again) if the ODWC doesn't do something pretty quick about the doe population, it won't last much longer.
Some suggest a one or two year moratorium on bucks. Unfortunately, most (not all!) of the hunters I know have the same mindset. "I ain't spending $20 (tag price) to kill no doe!" And it's destroying the herd, slowly.
The doe:buck ratio is already in trouble.


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