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July 30, 2008

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Montana Motorist Allegedly Spots Sasquatch

Looking to win the $1,000,000 Sasquatch Photo Challenge? Here’s a hot lead, from the Missoulan:

[S]asquatch and the gray wolf - two creatures with a long history in human mythology - were reported to have turned up on the side of the road in western Montana last week.

The Montana Department of Transportation found a dead wolf July 21 along Interstate 90 near Lookout Pass on the Idaho border. . . .

Bigfoot, on the other hand, may never have existed.

Nonetheless, a motorist reported seeing one of the purported giant primates along I-90 near Alberton about a week ago.

The motorist said he saw the Bigfoot approaching a middle-age couple who were fly-fishing, said Matt Moneymaker, who heads the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in California.

The motorist, who called 9-1-1, described the sasquatch as more than 7 1/2 feet tall with long arms, a skinny frame and brown hair.


Mike Diehl

Sasquatch and Space Aliens have one thing in common. Every time someone allegedly "sees" one, they don't have a camera, or if they do, they're totally incompetent in its use.


I don't know if Bigfoot is real or not, I think he probably is, but who knows. I do know that after 30 yrs. of outdoors, I came across something a few days ago I have no explanation for. How egotistical do we have to be to believe we can't have an animal as elusive as Bigfoot, when most people live their whole lives living in cougar country without ever seeing one, an animal with a fraction of the intelligence of a primate.


What killed the wolf?


Where was Barak Obama at the time of the sighting?


I just find it hard to believe that a primate that is supposed to be 7 1/2 feet tall could be so elusive that NOBODY has ever gotten a verifiable picture or video of the animal or any of the animal's bones/ tracks/ feces/ or hair. It really takes a stretch of the imagination to believe that a breeding population of bigfoot could live across most of the United States (as supposed sightings seem to suggest) without any of the millions of hunters that hang trailcams and spend hours in the woods ever seeing anything.


I'm just amazed that some anthropologist (or evolution apologist) hasn't found a bone somewhere from which they can reconstruct the entire beast.
Seems like there's a new dinosaur discovered fairly often, which leads them to tell us how many millions of years ago they lived, who they fought with, and what they had for lunch.
If we ever do find a bigfoot, the most valuable lesson we could learn would be how they managed to avoid cars all these years, and maybe we could teach deer (rabbits, raccoons, coyotes, mountain lions, etc) to do the same.

Matt M

Anthropologists don't believe in bigfoot because there is not a single shred of evidence for it.


doubters drop dead! I'm heading there to win that $1 million bucks with the picture I take.


John L.- I'm with your for the most part. However- dinosaurs existed for millions of years so it would be easy to see why there is ample evidence they existed. Primates haven't even lived for a blink of time in comparison- let alone bi-pedal, vertebrate primates with stereoscopic vision perhaps like "bigfoot". So it makes alittle bit of sense why it's possible to not have found any evidence. I'm not holding my breath on any evidence ever turnin up though. On the other hand- there's no evidence there's a god but I believe nevertheless.


My bet is it was 3 people and a trail cam trying to win a million buck!


Mushrooms... dude! Don't call 911 after consuming the mushrooms!

And for the science minded blogger above; if scientists have never examined a 'Bigfoot' 'Yeti' or 'Sasquatch' how do you conclude that it is primate, bi-pedal and has stereoscopic vision?

I agree with points from both sides of the argument; with reported sightings from different parts of the world of a creature with similar discriptions there is weight given to the possible existence thereof, on the other hand not one shred of physical evidence has been examined.

Oh well, perhaps someone with photographic ability and an halucinogen-free mind will actually bring back that million dollar snapshot, until then who knows?!


People disappear and are never found... so why couldn't a sasquatch roam around in the woods and never be found? Or hit by a car? I've never been hit by a car.

Mike Diehl

Matt M has made the critical point.

If these things were real, we'd have found their bones, or the bones of an ancestral or otherwise related species. If these things were real, the guy who first "saw" one would not have stated outright that he engineered a brilliant hoax. If these things were real, the "photos" would not look like a "shakey cam" wielded by a retarded monkey with flippers for hands (thus explaining the inevitably grainy image, the inability to steady the camera on the subject, and the inevitable "woops I got vaseline on the lens" lousy quality of the image).

As Carl Sagan once noted: "Any claim offered without evidence may be rejected without evidence."

When I see one of these creatures in a cage, I'll believe it exists.


If you want a photo of a sasquatch come out to Minnesota. I've got lots of pictures of one in particular. Just give me a call and I'll make sure my sister in law is in town.


thanks for making me spit coffee all over my keyboard!
On the other hand, I have seen, or thought I saw, things in the mountains and woods that I couldn't explain, and really didn't want to get closer to investigate. And who hasn't heard that noise in the dark that..........

Walt Smith

I can tell you first hand that I used to think it was all a hoax until I had a very personal encounter with on in the U.P. No I wasn't drunk and I was not smoking anything. I can tell you this,they are real, they are huge (the one I seen would make Darrel Dawkins look puny)and they mean us no harm other than scaring the wits out of us when we are fortunate to see one. If you don't believe me I'll be more than happy to sit you down on the stump where I saw the one I did and we'll see how long you stay a non-believer. Scary-scary stuff!


I haven't decided to beleive or not but it is my belief that if there is a one in a million chances of seeing one the government would hide it for sure. So yeah bigfoot probably does exist.

da truth

how many beers did this guy drink.
it even could have been a hungry bear that forgot to stop hibernatin or even the guy was out of touch of reality because he was reading to many PEOPLE magazines

da thruth

Hey william, i could argue that last point with you if you want

Eldon  Dickens

Sorry, but all of you who are frothing at the mouth about the NRA's extreme propaganda read it with your minds closed. The "extreme" things in the press release were direct quotes of animal rights advocates who support the ND initiative. If you want to learn exactly how extreme, indeed how demented, animals rights activists are, read what the animal rights activists have to say. Also, check out Ted Kerasote's book Bloodties. He spent some time with Wayne Pacelle, who was then exective director of Fund For Animals and is now heading HSUS. He wants to end hunting, as do the groups themselves.

The ND initiative would effectively ban fee hunting of any "game animal" which at any time could have been considered "owned" by anyone, perhaps even if it had ever been confined to an enclosure. Read it and think about the consequences of those words becoming law.

Here in Colorado, the animal rights people came up with a bill during this session that both they and the gullible press promoted as being a ban on so-called "canned hunts." However, the language of the bill would have required livestock, which in Colorado includes two species of game animals which can be owned, to be taken to processing plant for slaughter and butchering. Farmers would not have been able to butcher their own livestock even for their own consumption. The promotion of the bill was obviously deceptive and it died a quick death. The ND initiative is not quite as deceptive, but it certainly bans more than "high fence" (it says any owned or contained animal) or canned hunts. (I grew up in Fargo, so I know that there's just too much available space for there to be much demand for such "hunts." Besides, what's the difference between the farmer slaughtering it himself or herself for sale or use or letting someone else do it for a little profit. It's not hunting but it's not immoral either -- that's where the deception lies. Should we charge farmers with misdemeaners for selling their own livestock? Ridiculous, isn't it?)

As far as I know, this is just another moral panic over nothing. Canned hunts are certainly not a problem here in Colorado even with our high number of hunters and competition for space. It seems like just another way of attacking hunters for being unfair and cruel wihout having to actually prove it -- and establishing a precedent for restricting hunting and property rights on purely emotional bases. And it attacks farmers for doing what they wish with their own livestock and own property. Why should hunters care about that? Actually, we dont' do we, but the animal rights people, who want us to all be vegetarians, do care and call it cruelty. That's another deception or at least moral error by the so-called Hunters for Fair Chase -- since it's not hunting for a farmer to do that, fair chase isn't an issue is it?

Sorry, all of you critics of the NRA -- you're wrong once again and the NRA is right. Remember, be sure of your target before you shoot of your mouth without having brain engaged. If you don't like being insulted, stop insulting an entire group -- your fellow Sportsmen and Sportswomen -- and get informed and do soemthing positive to support the sporting fraternity.

Walt Smith

Hey Eldon,you're on the wrong page.

Blue Ox

Here's what I don't understand:
Why is it that 'Brangelina' are getting paid 14 or 15 million for a pic of their newborns (of which there is irrefutable evidence they exist) and all someone gets for a pic of 'bigfoot' is only 1 million and a crummy t-shirt?
Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?


Blue Ox

That question may be the nub of what is screwed up in our world today! Violate some celebrity family's privacy and get the REALLY Big Money. Get a useable, verifiable, photograph of an heretofore unsatisfactorily documented creature and get a few dollars and a lousy tee shirt. It is worth more to the public to see a stolen photo of a baby -- just because that baby has celebrity parents -- than to finally answer a long-standing mystery.

Once those pictures of 'Bigfoot' come streaming in a junior editor or intern will have to pour through them and cull out all the obvious frauds ("Just because Uncle Vinnie has more hair on his back then and orangatan doesn't mean he is Bigfoot!"), the unusable photos and bring the editor those few (if any) that just might be plausible.

Meanwhile every aspect of that celebrity baby shot will be analyzed by On Camera 'Experts' while America's ovinate population watches in amazed stupor. After each segment of each show those same idiot box addicted fools will be hypnotized into believing that McDonalds is really trying to feed America a health burger, Barack Obama is the second coming, Jap cars are better than ours and Coke is the Real Thing!

The intern or junior editor is certainly not making much above minimum while our celebrity photo experts rake in millions. What is wrong with this picture!? The Mushrooms Dude, they feed all of us Mushrooms!


I don't give a crap if they exist or not.Leave em alone until they start hurtin people then do something about it.If they wanted someones sorry ass then they would've already had it.


I went to the Alberton area yesterday
with the camcorder.Didnt see "SAS"but
was amazed by the amount of heavy
cover and thick rainforests in the
surrounding canyons and mountains.
You could hide an elephant in some of
that stuff.With all the bears and
wolfs here a bigfoot carcass would soon be dismembered and carried away.
My guess is that there are plenty of predators coxeisting along with
SAS and there are plenty of humans
in the valleys its no wonder their
so rare.

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