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July 18, 2008

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Former Ohio Warden Gets Time For Baiting Hunters

From the Dayton Daily News:

A former state wildlife officer assigned to Miami County was sentenced Monday, July 14, to three years of community control and 60 days in jail for baiting a dove field, then citing hunters who showed up for the illegal baiting.

Holding back tears in a Miami County Common Pleas courtroom, Jason M. Snyder, 35, of Tipp City apologized to a half dozen hunters who sat nearby for the "terribly stupid series of mistakes I made."



does anybody know how much a white-tailed deer mount weighs? I got my first 1 back a couple of days ago, and was just wondering how much it weighed. I think it is somewhere between 12-15 lbs.
thanks for your consideration.


does anybody know how much a white-tailed (shoulder Mounted deer) weighs. I got my first one back a couple of days ago, and i think it weighs somewhere between 12-15 lbs but i'm not sure.

Luv Duv

What the heck! You mean he would pre bait the field then when hunters would show up, he would acuse them of baiting? What a jerk!

SD Bob

Any wonder why people don't trust the goverment! My employer terminates it's employees for fish/game violations so if that happened to me I would be more than just upset!


Now that's common! What about all his past convictions? Is the state going to allow a new trial of all those hunters that were convicted before this guy was caught?


Sounds like those "convicted" hunters need a fancy lawyer. After overturning the convictions, they could sue the State of Ohio since it was the State of Ohio employee acting in the course of his assigned duties who commited a crime with the intent to cause the arrest of innocent citizens. I guess when they are done they will own their own hunting preserves.


Myself and a couple hunting buddies of mine were part of opperation "TAKE EM" where we had hunted (in some cases 60-80+ times (( that spanded over a year and a half))w/undercover officers). They had become our best friends (coming to b-day parties,card parties,bringing flowers to one guys wife when she was facing breast cancer,they really had us fooled. After the 1 1/2 yrs. spent w/us and multiple out of state hunts (where no violations were commited), they began to (one officer in poticcular) push for us to take more game than a legal daily bag limit. They had spent thousands of tax payers $ on rental of a house/utilities/out of state hunts/nights out on the town/gifts ie buying alchol just to gain our trust. At what point do they stop, It's no different than a police officer following u for hundreds of miles waiting for u to do something wrong so he can pull u over. I would like to see a picture of this CRIMINAL(for that is what the OHIO DNR DEAMED US,IN THEIR MULTIPLE ARTICALS!!!!!)because his actions sounds like three of our X-best friends.Please reply if you have any info.Thanks for hearing me out!


I live in Ohio and grew up in Miami County. The ODNR has done a great job of bringing back wildlife to an overhunted and overfished state. BUT, Miami Countyhas a history of harsh and difficult officers over the last couple of decades. If you are going to be outside, don't come under the radar here.

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