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July 01, 2008

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Florida Biologist Saves Drowning Bear

Hit with a tranquilizer dart, the 375-pound black bear jumped into the Gulf of Mexico. And Florida biologist Adam Warwick jumped in after him.

Check out the picture of Warwick ferrying the bear to safety. A man swimming with a big bruin is not something you see every day.


Here's the full press release.


Tom Sorenson

That guy must be some kind of a swimmer!


....bet he didn't give it CPR :0)

Good job Adam Warwick.

Brian T

There's a biologist who truely gives credit to his tribe.


Wow, that's pretty bad-a__! Tranquilized or not, I dont know that Id have the guts to go into a lake after what was likely a very scared black bear.


How do ya'll think Marlin Perkins did it for Years on "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom"?


Kudos to Adam Warwick! Drowning is not a deserving death for a black bear.


U a pretty brave guy there adam. Congrads.

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