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July 28, 2008

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DNA Fingers Elk As Livestock-Disease Culprit

From the Associated Press:

A federal DNA study points to wildlife — most likely elk — as the source of [brucellosis] found in a cow near Yellowstone National Park . . . .

"This is the smoking gun we were looking for," [Montana State Veterinarian Marty] Zaluski said. . . .

The potential role of elk in spreading brucellosis already had raised tensions between livestock producers and sporting groups worried over the potential for reductions in herd sizes. . . .

A representative of . . . the Bozeman-based Gallatin Wildlife Association, said Thursday that the federal report needs greater scrutiny [and that] he was concerned government agencies will begin treating elk like infected bison, which are periodically captured and slaughtered as they migrate from Yellowstone National Park to prevent contact with cattle.

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