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July 11, 2008

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Discussion Topic: On Gas Prices and Fishing Trips

We asked you about this same topic way back when gas was around $3 a gallon. What say you now?
From an Anglersurvey.com press release:
Record high fuel prices are causing anglers to cut back on their fishing plans, according to a recent survey. . . .

In a June survey by AnglerSurvey.com, only 22% of anglers said that higher fuel prices would not affect their fishing activities this summer, compared to 35% who responded “no effect” to the same question in 2007. Likewise, 32% of anglers in 2008 said that high prices would affect their fishing plans, up sharply from the 22% who felt this way a year ago.† †

The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has risen about 39% compared to year ago—to $4.10 on July 2, 2008, according to the American Automobile Association.

Are high gas prices cutting into your fishing trips this summer?

Go to anglersurvey.com to participate in the upcoming surveys.



High gas prices, higher grocery prices and just higher prices in general have definetly cut into my fishing this year.

It will also cut into my hunting trips this fall as well. I have a family and their needs come first.



Higher gas prices will make me alter my hunting and fishing ways. Now, I will stay all day and get the most for my $$$. We just changed plans for tonight's trip, and will fish our home lake, Old Hickory, instead of traveling 50 miles to Dale Hollow.

Tom Sorenson

Absolutely they are effecting my fishing. I have only gone fishing a couple times this year - and both times stayed close to home.


High gas prices are the sole reason I decided against the purchase of a boat this spring. There's no way I can see operating a vessel that burns 3-5 gallons per hour at the cost of over $5/gallon (marina prices).


High prices PERIOD are KILLING me...I have been out to the trout stream once...normally by this pointin the year i have been 10 -15 times with a couple weekend camping trips with the kids tossed in for good measure. (0 camping trips this year so far)

Ammunition prices are to the point that most of my weapons are sitting in the safe dying from oil poisoning.

Am praying deer season isnt as down as the trout (and fishing in general) has been....

Mike Diehl

I expect this fall to do a little more multiple-day camping in place rather than daily weekend driving in the wee hours to the places where I hunt. Of course, that's a good thing anyhow.


Try checking out the Drive $marter Challenge (http://www.drivesmarterchallenge.org) to save money on gas. You can enter your specific vehicle data and figure out how much money you can save my taking six fuel-efficiency steps. They also provide other fuel-efficiency tips to help you save on gas costs. – Kat, Alliance to Save Energy

Blue Ox


Linkie no workie.
It's ok, though. They'd just laugh hysterically and tell me to ditch my 2500HD.


Gas prices have definitely affected my fishing I used to go out once or twice a week now I go about once every three weeks and I now fish closer to home.


The gas prices don't really effect my fishing cause most of its from the shore (fresh and Salt) and when I do go out in my buddies boat it only has a 10 hp, so gas isnlt too bad. NO traveling my 3 hrs. to go hunting is gonna suck, thats why I'm saving now!

Evan V

When gas hits 5$ a gallon I'm buying something that doesn't run on gas!


Canoe Canoe! Even 'The Big Lake' up here in New Hampshire (Winnipesaukee) is seeing a lot less motor traffic; ah the quiet is back!

Seriously though I have stayed a bit closer to home and explored some new (to me) spots less than 15 minutes drive away; with my trusty Old Town canoe!


The link is broken because it adds a parenethis ")" to the end of the link within the internet browser. If you will manually delete that symbol from the address, it will then work.


parenthesis, not parenethis :-P

Ed J

Link does me no good.
No listing for k3500 w/454


My buddy has not had his Tracker out all season. Not owning a bass boat, but wanting to go, I told him I would pay for gas if he would provide the boat.

He lit up - "Deal!"

So - all you non-boat owners, help out your buddies with boats and offer to pay for the gas. You'll get invited out more often.


Sorry about that guys -- the link is: http://www.drivesmarterchallenge.org

- Kat

It's crazy. It almost takes about$30 to fill up my 4wheeler. Gas prices aint gone stop me from hunting and fishing though.

And you care WHY?

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