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July 28, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Does New York Youth Bill Fall Short?

From the NRA:

Earlier this week, Governor David Paterson (D) signed Assembly Bill 11033 . . . [which] allows 14 and 15 year olds, who already are permitted to hunt small game in New York, to also hunt deer and bear with a firearm under specified conditions and only while supervised. 

Thirty states across the country currently have no age limit, allowing parents to decide when their children are old enough to hunt, and these thirty states have a better collective hunter safety record than the twenty states with minimum ages. 

I think we can all agree that this is an improvement on making Empire State kids wait until they’re 16 to hunt big game. The question is, should they have to wait until they are 14?

Tell us what you think.



I started hunting deer with a firearm when I was 9. I also killed my first deer at 9. If it weren't for that I may not have ever gotten hooked on deer hunting. That may be young for many kids, but I was extremely familiar with the firearm and made a perfect shot. I was shooting a 20ga. H&R Topper without any sights, and using 00 buckshot.


i am from new york and am13 i am very greatful for this bill so the feds better not screw it up


Mayor B. must be crapping his tighty-whiteys! Coming out of the 'Empire' state what more do we expect? Certainly I would like to see parental discretion be the determining factor but realistically; for a state like New York (from whence Charlie Schumer and Hilabitch attend our national Senate), to lower the minimum age at all is a step in the right direction!


im 14 and i deer hunt in new york every year with my dad, so this year when we go can we both carry guns or will there have to be only one gun between us?


It does not go far enough. But it is a step in the right direction.



Mayor B NEEDS hunters to help control the deer destroying understory in their watershed. Without the understory, water runoff carries much more silt into their reservoirs, the woods loose a lot of mixed ages, and the old trees no longer withstand the storms we've been getting lately.

I don't know any hunters happy with the advanced age that this bill finally promotes. However, it is the first one that even came to a vote in the Assembly in years -- and likely the best one that could be passed by that group. The New Yorkers Against Gun Violence holds a lobby day every year, and to honor it, the Assembly can be counted on to pass a package that would stop firearms commerce and recreation in NY State. The only thing left would be criminals then be freed to do us all the damage they felt like. It is clear these bills are intended to show us not only their anger, but their contempt.

The one thing that has kept these odious bills from passing has been a Republican-controlled Senate. Companion bills never even make it to the floor for a vote. Now we are just a few seats from Democratic control, the Senate leader has only recently been replaced by a downstate Senator with more urban leanings. It is very difficult to look at the Assembly vote without a little bit of cynicism: I think they hope we will forget NYAGV lobby day, and figure they really won't vote to take away our hunting rifles (they will call them sniper rifles), or our Barnes-X styled bullets (cop-killers), or our standard Remington Core-Lokts (they have lead in them).

Don't believe it.


Parents discretion!
Even though there are some parents out there that don't have the discretionary abilities to make such decisions.
Yep! It's a step, though small, in the right direction!

My introduction to hunting was with an A.H. Fox .410. Pop would wound a squirrel, load my .410, and I got to finish the job. Squirrel and shotgun was quite a load for a six-year-old!



No, it does not lower the age enough, but then this is New York for you. High crime, high taxes and high welfare populations.

I worked on this issue to help lower the age. Just lowering it to 14 received allot of heat from the anti's. Again this is New York and allot of NY fools cannot differentiate a youth hunting with a firearm and a little gang banger youth robbing an elderly lady. They see that bad gun!!! Thanks to our failed education system run by a liberal teachers unions our youth cannot get a education that meets their needs or gives them enough interest to turn from crime. Also the welfare sytem encourages absent fathers and the use of drugs. A real recipe for disaster that sometime leads to crime.

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