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July 29, 2008

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Breaking News: Heller Vs. D.C., Part II

From the Washington Post:

The man who successfully challenged the D.C. handgun ban before the U.S. Supreme Court filed a second federal lawsuit yesterday, alleging that the District's new gun-registration system is burdensome and continues to unlawfully outlaw most semiautomatic pistols.

Dick A. Heller, 66-year-old security guard who lives on Capitol Hill, and two other plaintiffs allege in the lawsuit that the D.C. government violated the letter and the spirit of the landmark Supreme Court decision, issued June 26, that struck down the District's decades-old handgun ban.

Your reaction?



Go get your rights back Dick!Your a true AMERICAN!!!


Imagine if the politicians and police put as much effort into fighting crime as they do into denying law abiding citizens their right to carry a handgun.


You know, the more I follow this the more I'm concerned that the NRA (via Heller) is going to force a strict definition of the 2nd Amendment, and we're (US Gun Owners)going to be screwed.

Paul Wilke

I have to think, and you should too, that a violation of our constitution is an attack on all Americans. This is as serious as the Nazis or the communists were. And as serious as any terrorist attack, certainly not as open, but just as damaging to us as a nation.
Dick Heller is our army, fighting in our defense.

Mike Diehl

Go get 'em Heller!

r napolitano

Go Dick go, they will never stop trying to deny your rights, so never stop trying to get them


Paul Wilke- the nazis killed millions of jews and millions more combatants around the world. Don't you think that comment was an overstatement. Communist- fine, fascist- yes. Atrocity-not yet.


William, you said it best. "Not YET." It all starts somewhere. If you give them and inch to stand on, they'll take a yard.


That "not yet" may be a horrible prediction. For years the gun violence issue has been masked by every corrupt politician and gun hating cretin crying it was the guns fault! The common denominator of gun violence is the illegal drug market. They are the main cause for all the firearm violence, but it is the law abiding citizen who pays the price for our inept and corrupt politicians (yes, they run the show). So either have an all out real war against the illegal drug market OR decriminalize the dope and let nature reduce the doper population. I do not care, but these corrupt politicians and judges continue to deny and erode our Second Amendment rights because of their failure to do their job. Maybe they are on dope?

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