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July 29, 2008

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113-Pound Blue Cat Sets New California Record

From San Diego’s The Union-Tribune:

San Diego is known worldwide for its heavyweight largemouth bass, but it was a giant blue catfish that set a record Thursday at San Vicente.

Steve Oudomsouk, 58, of San Diego landed a 113.4-pound blue catfish while fishing off Quaide Point at the reservoir. The catch shattered the state record for blue catfish, a 101-pounder caught and released at San Vicente by Roger Rohrbouck in 2000.


Tom Sorenson

I can only imagine! I love catching big cats - but when I think big cats, I think of 20 pounders...100 pound cat must pull like a son of a gun!


back up here in the cali hills a big 1 is 10lbs a good 1 is 5 and average is 1-3lbs

What, no picture?


How does a catfish that big taste?

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